35th Anniv Vorhees...VIN Info

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  1. Got your PM. Was out of town on vacation a few days.

    Your GT is #4222 of 4,628 built according to VIN#.

  2. For those of you who want even more info on your 35th like build date and a further breakdown of the numbers contact Terry McCoy at [email protected]. I hope he doesn't mind if he gets bombarded with emails!

    For a small fee he will get you this info and print it out on a nice thick glossy paper with the 35th anniversary header on top and the logos at the bottom. I framed mine and put it on display at car shows, but most of the time it's on my garage wall. It is a really nice document to have.

    Not a good pic but you will get the idea.

  3. Thanks Voorhees! :nice:
  4. Looking at a Performance Red '99 GT 'vert with a 5 speed. The VIN # is 1FAFP45X1XF142468

    Any info you can tell me about it?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I can tell you it is a real one, #36 of 4,628 built according to VIN#.

    Got any pics? How much? Miles?

  6. Only has 60k & its at a dealer...they're asking $7900...fair price?

  7. If its totally clean and no sign of accidents/crashes. Should be great with those miles if it was cared for correctly....Price sounds right. Edit.....even better for vert. Hope the interior is in good shape.


  8. .....aaah...thats the hokey part of the car...seems like one of the 2 prev owners dyed the silver inserts on the seats & door panels red along with the pony stitching on the seats to match the exterior of the car :shrug:
    Other than that the car is supposed to be clean & stock -ish (except the addition of a light bar). Going to talk to the sales mgr tomorrow to see how flexible they are with the price....its a 2 hour drive for me dont want to waste anyones time if they arent going to budge on the price a bit...

    PS---I see they made 1555 of the red's....is there a break down of hard tops & 'verts? Auto & 5 speeds?

  9. Yikes. Red inserts huh? Bleh. To each his own I guess. That would be a hard and expensive thing to fix back to original as the leather and door replacements are non-existant. Was it done professionally? :(

    The light bar is ok though. Let them know its been modified and you may get a few $$ knocked off if they really want to move it. Who knows if they got into the engine or not.

    As far as breakdowns, they made about half of each. Coupes and 'verts. Probably about same for auto vs. 5 speeds.

    I'd love to see a pic or two this car...especially the red interior.

    I might not also:nonono:.....but if you did it would be great.

    Thanks and good luck!

  10. Not sure how it was it was done but looking close at the pics it looks like the leather is cracking & the silver is showing through...
    Ill know more tomorrow if I go look at it...

  11. Not as terrible as I thought, but. :mad: Looked better factory correct.

    Reminds me of the 10th Anniversary Cobra interior.

    Let us know how it goes.
  12. Well its MINE!
    Overall the car is in decent shape for a 2 owner car...Im sure the second owner didnt take as good care as the first. The car was definitely driven (a few chips, scratches, scuffs etc) Nothing that a good buffing & a little touch up paint wont cure.

    Car has 60k miles & is stock right down to the orig mufflers & even the air intake. Will need front tires in the near future and maybe the bushings for the rack (slight squeak & movement from them when turning the wheel)
    Has some hokey projector style headlights on it...will have to do an ebay search for a swap
    Paid $7,100....got him down from his orig asking price of $7,900....overall I think I did pretty good for what it is.

    PS----the seats were redyed AGAIN since the first pics to a more subdued burgundy color.....I'd like to one day see if I can get a match to the sliver its supposed to be one day....

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  13. :nice: Glad it worked out for you. While not original, the interior is not terrible.
    Finding a perfect condition low mileage "Limited" for sale is tough these days.
    I think you did quite well. 60k is the real bonus.
    Yeah, the headlights gotta go.

    Once you get it all shined up, we'd all love to see more pics.

  14. From my web surfing, I've found the following facts on our '99s (mostly common knowledge):
    4,628 total Limited Editions, 2,310 Convertibles and 2,318 Coupes
    1,555 Performance Red, 1,299 Ebony, 1,259 Silver Metallic, and 515 Ultra White
    1,979 Automatics and 2,649 5 Speeds
    2,226 with black convertible tops and 84 with white tops (on white cars only)

    The only specific Body/Color/Option facts that I've found are on the Performance Red cars:
    884 coupes / 671 convertibles
    388 automatic 'verts / 283 5 speed manual 'verts

    As there were only 84 Ultra White convertibles with white tops built, anyone with one of these has the rarest of the rare.
  15. Very cool info! Thanks!

    One of the main reasons I chose this year & model was because I can insure it using my classic insurance policy I have for my '69 Charger R/T.
    While this Mustang isnt old enough for the classic insurance, my company (American Collectors Insurance)will insure it because of ist low production collectible status.....costing me $161 a year :nice:
  16. I'm guessing Terry didn't appreciate his e-mail address being advertised here? I got a bounce back saying it's not a valid address. Any ideas?
  17. No the OP posted the wrong addy! If you look at the the attached pic you se his email is @aol.com & not Yahoo.

    I emailed him myself, got a reply with him asking for my address & sent it back....no reply after 4+ days though:shrug:
  18. Sorry...Good catch!! I changed the address. For some reason I had yahoo on the brain!

    Don't worry, he's a good dude. It takes him a little while to get it printed out, mailed etc. My original got wet and was runied last year. He made me another on right away.
  19. Hi I was wanting to see if my 99 silver conv is a LE. It has all the add ons. But I can not find the buck tag. Can you tell me if my is an LE. My vin is 1FAFP45X2XF210678
  20. Yes, your GT is a true "Limited Edition" :nice:

    # 3630 of 4628 according to VIN#

    The body buck tag is right behind the driver's side headlight on the support.