35th Anniv Vorhees...VIN Info

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  1. Great. Thanks for your help.
  2. Voorhees, I just obtained a 99 35th Anniversary Edition from the original owner. With it came a magazine titled 35 Years of the Ford Mustang done by Peterson Publishing. There is a small article on the anniversary model. I thought you may have an interest.

    100_4226.jpg [/IMG]
  3. Very cool! Thanks!
  4. That's awesome! I'd love to get my hands on some of the merch that came with the car (still need the brochure and the matchin die-cast model, plus the papers, but they were car-specific so I won't get those)
  5. Article is a little off on the # actually produced (6000 vs. the actual 4628)
  6. Yeah, that was the intention I guess. I like 4628 better. :D
  7. Hey can you decode this one for me? 1FAFP45X3XF152385
    Thanks in advancee.

  8. Your GT is #260 of 4,628 built according to VIN#


  9. Thanks so much

    Thanks fior the information. I knew it was an early car and pretty rare. It is White with White convertible top.
    Thanks again.
  10. Post up some pictures.

  11. Hey Voorhees, could you please give me the info on my car? I just picked it up last week.


    Much appreciated...


  12. Matt,

    Your "Limited Edition" GT is #401 of 4,628 built according to VIN#

  13. VIN check

    Just wondering if this 99 convertible I just picked up is a 35th car.
    If so I read it maybe a pretty rare one...white with a tan top.
    The hood has been changed and I think the deck lid.
    Buck tag doesn't say anything about it. Read somewhere the 2nd line says "Spec edition" or something like that.
    Mine says
    2055 SHOW
    ????????? 39X

    The VIN is 1FAFP45X2XF18009

    Also where are you getting such detailed info on these VIN's?
    I have been looking without much luck..

    Oh and it doesn't hurt my feelings any if it is not an LE. It was not represented as one and I scored an amazing deal on it.
    I just wanted to start gathering stock parts for it if it was rare.

  14. I don't think you gave me the entire VIN# last six digits should be numeric. If not, its not an "LE".
    Hard to tell based on what you have told me, but a white "Limited Edition" would not have came from the factory with a tan top. Only Black or white.
    However, that does not mean someone did not change it out at some point.
    The body buck tag behind the drivers headlight says "35TH".
    Check your VIN# again and I can recheck it.

    I have had the list of the 4,628 "Limited Edition" GT VIN's since probably 2000. I received them from the guy that ran the registry.

  15. Thanks Jason.
    The buck tag definitely does not have 35th on it so it is not an LE.

    The interior is parchment, but I am having a hard time finding the brown portion of the parts so it had me wondering if it was something special for an LE.

    No big deal and actually I prefer it is not an LE that way I don't feel bad changing things up. :D

  16. Yeah, parchment was not the interior color in a "Limited Edition". When I bought my LE in 1999 I wasn't looking for a "LE", I was actually looking for a silver, cloth interior GT. No frills basically. The one I have was the only GT they had, they cut me a pretty good deal on it(cause it was $$$), so I took it.

  17. Vorhees

    I am new to this site and came across this thread. I dont think I have the LE (too many things have been changed to tell, all of which was changed by the original owner). Anyway, I am interested in the production number of my 99 GT Coupe. Vin is 1FAFP42X3XF137549

  18. Your GT is not a "Limited Edition" GT. I have no information on the regular production GT's or Mustangs.

  19. Thanks for checking.

  20. I want to see if my 99 Mustang is a true LE

    The vin is 1FAFP4044XF14310