Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. Ordered- 11/14/2005
    Tungsten Grey GT Premium Loaded
    5 Spd Manual
    Red Interior upgrade
    Shaker 1000 Stereo
    18" Polished Bullitts

    Time frame- 6 to 8 Weeks and X plan also.
  2. I can't believe how common this config is.

    You practically described mine also. Tungsten is a popular color.

    Ordered: 10/31
    Tungsten Grey GT (loaded also)
    Red Interior
    Shaker 1000
    18" Premium

    Time Frame: Before 1 February (I hope)

    I understand its a Job 2 starting around 5 Dec.
  3. Are you guys ordering your stangs because you want them an exact way or because there are none on the lots.

    I guess I was lucky to walk on the lot and leave with the perfect stang for me. There were maybe 30 other GTs on the lot too not to mention V6s.
  4. I for one ordered because the options/color I wanted aren't around locally. I think I would end up paying more locating it and shipping it/going to get it. I also think its a bit of..."this car was built specifically for me" also.
  5. Oh you Florida people, in this far corner of the cont. united states in Port Angeles WA. they have a used auto V-6 2005 and a new 2006 GT auto.:shrug:
    So to get a Legend Lime with a manual I'll have to order one!:scratch:
  6. She's Here!

    Dealer called me at 6:00 last night. Mine has arrived! I'll pick her up today.
    '06 GT, Redfire, 5 spd, Charcoal leather, IUP, 18" polished aluminum wheels.

    She should look good between my '67 coupe and '81 S/G racer!
  7. How Do I find out the status of my Vista Blue 06

    Is there a web site I can got to to track my new ride?
  8. Yes. This one. Post and one of the good folks like Dyoct could help you out. This site has been pretty informative letting me know my status.
  9. I'm just waiting for mine to be picked up at the railyard...for almost a month now. :(
  10. Order was placed 10/31/05.

    Black '06 Premium GT
    -spoiler delete
    -medium parchment
    -base wheels

    got it for x-plan also
  11. damn it seems like Tungsten is the most common color for '06. I ordered the same color... mine should arrive today or tomorrow. :banana: :banana:

    I ordered mine because I couldn't find one exactly how I wanted it (Deluxe w/ cloth, Shaker 500, IUP, spoiler delete, Active Anti-theft). It's HARD to find a Mustang with cloth anymore, and I've noticed most dealers are stocking Stangs with Shaker 1000 and alot of automatics. The Shaker 1000 is like $1500 more than Shaker 500, and auto is $980 or so over manual. And I didn't want the Shaker 1000 subs in my trunk... just not into the boom boom stuff THAT much. Winters here in WV get very cold so I didn't want leather... plus the leather is very hot when I get in my car after work during summer. I like the look of leather, but I just can't live with it myself.
  12. The shaker 1000 isn't $1500 more than the 500. It's $1200 more than the base radio. On the 05's it was $1700 more than the base.
  13. Ordered mine back in Sept. Just called the Ford automated status line at 1-800-962-3746 and gave it the Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement (DORA) info.

    The message was "Your unit has arrived at the ramp". Can anyone tell me what that means?
  14. I should be getting the Vista Blue GT from Santa on Monday the 26th. Looks like Santa is doing a little O.T. for Ford this year......... Hope it really happens.
  15. 2006 Mustang GT Premium
    Tungsten Grey
    18in Polished bullets
    Side impact airbags
    Shaker 500
    5 Speed
    A Plan $25900
    Oasis Ford
    Ordered December 12,2005
    Should get more info middle of next month
  16. I ordered a Black/Dark Charcoal Mustang Premium GT coupe on October 13, 2005. The only thing I added to it was the interior upgrade package and the active alarm. I am getting no information on arrival dates or anything out of the dealer. They are basically playing "dumb". As soon as we get information we will let you know. Let me know what info you need to track and order.....I do have the VIN.

  17. Try going over to blueovalnews.com and going to the employee forum with your VIN to see if they can come up with something.
  18. 2006 GT Premium Vert
    Legend Lime/Black
    18in Polished bullets
    Wheel locks
    Side impact airbags
    Shaker 500
    Soft Boot
    5 Speed
    Satin Panel

    Ford of Kirkland, WA
    Few bucks over invoice
    Order date: 12.16.2005
    No priority, DORA or VIN (help!)
    $500 paid down
  19. You really think you are going to get a GT before May ot June???
    I don't care what the dealer say about the 8-12 weeks before seeing the car.
    You will maybe if you are very lucky to see the GT in late May or June....
    But why order one now at this late in the game?
    You can order a 2007 GT in early March and if you stick with a 2006 GT you might not get it by june(depends on you dealer and how big he is}Then in June you will have to reorder it as a 2007 but you might not get it till Mud 2007 or late 2007...Because many people are ordering their new GTs in early march so you all are out of luck,Don't beleave the dealers that you will have the Stang Gt in 8-12 weeks never will happen unless you deal you a ford dealer in the south that has lots of allocations.....
    So I would wait to March so yo can get a 2007 Stang Gt why buy a car thats a year old when you can wait about 2 months to get a 2007.....JT