What's The Fastest Yall've Been In/on A Vehicle?

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  1. I am an old airplane mechanic, so this caught my eye...
    You went faster than the speed of sound (761 MPH at sea level) in a commercial aircraft? Was that in a dive?
    I Googled the aircraft and top speed level flight is 534 mph ( https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=crj+200 )
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  2. Busted
  3. 225 knot tail wind in a descent. I have a picture of the G/S read out somewhere.

  4. not busted
  5. Were there bells and whistles sounding in the cockpit for having exceeded the VNE (Velocity Never Exceed) limit?
  6. It gets a clacker when you hit the checkerboard, but we were below Vne.

  7. Why do motorcycles have speed limiters on them? The speeds sited here are so in excess of any speed limit that a computer to be pointless on public roads.

    Second question, do cycle tires really have tubes? You went how fast on a motorized, heavy duty bicycle? Wow!
  8. HWY regulations put limiters on them. Guess they figured if they are limited to 189 they can be caught faster than one going 200mph. Some bikes have tubes like dirt bikes and wheels with spokes but others do not. I would not trust a tube to go 189mph.... instead they are made with kevlar and carbon fiber weaving hence the price of 200 bucks a tire!
  9. Thank goodness about better tires!
    I wonder if the 189 mph limiter has to do with the length of smear mark the rider makes on the pavement after the motorcycle gets squirrelly?:eek:
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  10. naaaah!
  11. 189mph on a bike? That's :suicide:

    (i just wanted to use that emote, party on)
  12. Drag racers go over 200 mph with tube tires all of the time. It is for a very short duration of time however.
  13. How does a tube matter or not?

  14. Last flight I was on the in flight stats showed we we going 651 mph and we landed way ahead of scedule. Love the northeasternly jetstream!
  15. One cannot compare drag race tires to a sport bike tire. The two are completely different in their make-up.
  16. 167 on my old gsxr 600 with a heavily modded out 1000 swap, 160ish in my turbo civic before it got stolen and stripped (R.I.P.), and 178 in my uncles vet when we went to Nevada. The bike was fun but my fiance kept nagging me about how i was going to kill myself so i eventually sold it. the mustangs speedo only goes up to 85mph and the speedo gear hasnt been matched to the rear end gears so who really knows how fast ive taken it? if i had to guess id say 100-110.
  17. I am not sure of the speed because I had an 85 MPH speedo at the time, but in overdrive & about 5000 RPM, the speed was fast enough to blow the rear window louvers right off of my rear window. That was when Montana had no speed limit on their freeways back in the 90's.
  18. I love this story. My brother was one of the first people to get a speeding ticket in Montana after they lifted the hard speed limit. There was a clause in the law that said speed should be limited to what is "reasonable and prudent." Apparently 124mph in a turbo MR2 in the rain is not "reasonable and prudent." The judge agreed with the officer and he had to pay the fine.

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  19. Unless it was a speed rated set up, I would worry about heat build up from friction both between the tire and the tube and the tire deformation. I could maybe even see wearing a hole from the inner tire through the tube. A drag race is only a quarter mile, so a land speed record attempt is a harder test in my mind.

    But my bike is manual powered and only does about 27 mph without a big tailwind.
  20. My bike is not powered at all. Stupid thing just sits in the garage while I sit in the house and eat donuts!
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