wheel & tire combo's on your fox, lets see them.

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  1. 17x9 Cobra R's,Riken Raptors with 245.40.17's up front,and 255.40.17's out back.275's coming soon for the rear.

  2. ROH Snypers
  3. Front:245/40's
  4. those almost look like gt500 wheels
  5. They are GT500 wheels :nice:
  6. Im running chrome Bullitts on my car..
    But for some reason, I always thought that style of rim looks better on foxbodies.
    Your car looks good, without being too tacky. Love it.

  7. thanks, it always nice to get compliments.
  8. Steeda hood .....fit like a glove:nice:
  9. Black CobraRs 245/45/17 up front 275/40/17 out back



    275/50/15 Mickey Ts out back



  10. corral is a great site with lots of support and the 5.0 crowd there is bigger than over here. I wouldnt black ball it.....
  11. I don't understand why ANYONE would be loyal to one site over another. They are all open internet forums about the same car... Amazes me I guess?
  12. black bullits considering changing to something different this summer.

  13. not loyal, i found this one first. I like this one, i am signed up on enough forums already and just dont want to sign up on more.
  14. I know I'm not so much loyal either. I'm a member on other stang sites. It still would be good to have a wheel/tire resource on stang net to get some ideas and to whore our rides some more, I mean 25th's is the biggest **** here :D :hail2:.
  15. I dug up some OLD pics here. This is circa 2002 or so.

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  16. no, that would be lasersvt, he just doesnt have a fox
  17. Corral is good for tech too. I have two sites open all day long..here and corral.net.

    Some of you guys here aren't too bad so i hang here more :)
  18. Pony's with 225/55/16 up front and 255/50/16