You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. When you say "what glove box?"
  2. ... when you like it enough to purchase a winter vehicle to keep it out of the elements.

    ... when that winter vehicle is more than likely a Jeep XJ. Common combination.
  3. when you spend more time picking out wheels or exhaust for your car then your fiances(sp?) wedding ring. :D

    when you have changed your exhaust setup more times then your oil :rolleyes:

    when you wash your car more than you take showers yourself

    when every winter you convince yourself that you are gonna sell it in the spring for something different, but after you start it for the first time all those thoughts dissapear for another year

    when you get tired of seeing this post every day from someone new "what cold air intake should i buy?" :mad: DO A SEARCH!!!! lol

    when every mod you do ends with a professional photo shoot in some field or abanded warehouse :p

    when you get sick to your stomach when you price out trickflow heads and a set of cams......seriously have to take a second mortgage out :(

    i can go on for days lol
  4. ...When one of the first words your baby learns is Mustang !

    ...When you point to a car and ask your 3 and 4yo boy and girl what is that ? , and they say MUSTANG !

    ...When your 3 and 4yo boy and girl tells you they see a Mustang a block away before you see it !

    ...and now when you point out and say hey guys look there's a Mustang and your 4 and 5yo boy and girl say no daddy thats a Mustang Cobra !

    All of the above are true stories:D , make me soooooo proud:)

  5. yea...those are good kids right there :flag:
  6. 96SCstang"when you get tired of seeing this post every day from someone new "what cold air intake should i buy?" DO A SEARCH!!!! 96SCstang":lol::lol:
  7. That may be true, because the NPI auto is TERRIBLE. I don't know though, his GT is pretty dang solid. The speedo jumps from about 42 to about 52 when it shifts. I know folks that have been around Mustangs for a long time comment on how hard it shifts. I'll have to get a vid of it I guess.

    Oh, did the auto tranny change between 99 and 04? I've got a good friend who has a 99 GT, and while it shifts harder than my 98 GT did stock, it is nowhere near as close as my granddad's 01. We have thrown around the idea that my granddad's has a tune or J-mod already done to it (before he bought it) :shrug:

    The Mach also got some new tires today (275/45-17 Nittos), I'll get a video of it as well.


    You get pulled over by a cop to comment on your car, either how good it looks or how good it sounds

    True story, as of about an hour ago :D Although I've known the guy and been friends with him for as long as I can remember.
  8. In 2004 the Mach 1 has the 4R75W , the strange thing is that ford never made it known that they started putting the 4R75W in the GT's , I have heard that they starter putting the 4R75W in the late year 04 GT's but who knows maybe all the 04's have them , I know my 04 was built in Sep of 03 and has a 4R75W in it , the way to tell the 70 from the 75 is the 75 has an extra speed sensor above the shift linkage !
  9. ...when a simple spark plug change makes u have a nervous breakdown :nonono:
  10. ... when the local PD knows you by name... yet you never drive aggressively (in town) :D

    ... when a state trooper stops you because you revved, tells you everything he could write you for (tint, exhaust, etc.) and then just as he turns to walk away... "Hey by the way bud, exhaust sounds killer, keep it between the ditches." :D

    ... when you have a bottle of spiced rum hiding underneath your spare tire waiting for the day you buy a set of long tubes and think you are man enough to DIY.:nonono:

    ... when... whats a catalytic converter??

    and the finale of this particular post because it is beyond true...

    ... when your 99-00 cupholders are USELESS!!!!:notnice:
  11. when you have owned 3 and want a 4th.

  12. LOL, i was just going to say:

    - when you grab your drink in your 01+ and the stupid rubber cupholder insert is stuck to the bottom of it
  13. when you go to destroy 2nd gear and get a little chirp, then all of a sudden you spill your drink all over you...

    ...when the best cupholder for closed bottles is right between the seat and the center console.

    ....When everyone hates you because you have flowmasters on your car.

    ...When you smile everytime you start your car...

    ...When you rock 4.10 gears in your DD..

    ...When 90 year old neighbors come out yelling at you for revvving your car at 8:00 at night.

    Idk i was bored so trying to think of things that have happened in the past.
  14. :lol: So true!!

    Glad to see I made it into your sig.:D
  15. How are 90% of these points 4.6L specific exactly? :shrug:
  16. Haha yea man i thought your saying about the entrance ramps was too good to pass up. :nice:
  17. Gee party pooper :stick:, I guess if its based off of peoples personal experiences in their 4.6 Mustangs, then its more like 100% specific exactly:D !
  18. I suppose....but it's also about 99% specific to every other Mustang....and most other sports/muscle cars out there too for that matter. ;)
  19. 4.6 was only mentioned because the forum is a 4.6 Mustang forum. It's geared toward peoples experience in their cars more than the engine size itself. ;)
  20. def true