Awesome online street racing game!!

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  1. :lol:
  2. selling the 584ho integra has everythingbut 200ho NOS and adjustable gear box(30000) and the 1085hp Saleen mustang has all the goodies(50000) they need to go someone grab em!
  3. I don't have enough points to race you or Jinx, I just bought a whole bunch of stuff, lol
  4. I just accepted your "for fun" race. :rolleyes:

    If you can't race for points on the race I sent, please decline the race I sent you from a couple of days ago.

  5. whos it gonna be 7950, or carbed?... Vs me in the Stangnet private Challange?... im going for the GOLD BABY!~
  6. If we all had 40 + hours a week into the game, we'd all be as good as you. :rolleyes:
  7. lol... i almost put 40hours into that game in one sitting... on a (+) note... i cant take anymore of 1slo's money... 13k is enought in 3 races.... i wont accept anymore money races 1slo were on a freaking team.. do you know how i would feel if i sent you home without gass money...horrible, i would feel horrible...
  8. ryan i sent you a Race~!...................
  9. I'm done with races for the today. I got some good times in but I keep getting messages so, it's ****in' with my shifting View attachment 405924
  10. And it all Comes Down To me And 795.0Pacecar..... When you see this, you have 24 hours from right now to complete or it all goes to me...
  11. It would be nice if grey would show up and accept the challenge from the Underground! :rolleyes:
  12. Im postin from my smart phone right now, but I'll be home to race in about 4 hours.
  13. Well, I lost. It was going good until I spun a little.
  14. wow, i was really worried about that Run... i didnt do so good..
  15. Man I would have had you if i didn't spin. I've been doin good today runnin what I dial in.
  16. yeah i just got a skyline last night, i was trying to get it dialed in but its Hard. my ranger,and stang or ON.. Damn
  17. I don't think we gots enough cash yet :doh:
  18. I dropped five thousand points in the Stangnet Ogs account. However, I think the game is starting to lose its appeal.
  19. If grey accepts my other car I can come up with the rest if its soon. Because it takes a long time to move up without buying any points, I can agree that some people may be discouraged at some point.