Bill's 9 sec GSX

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  1. Come on Guys, Stop.

    I asked him to post about his car here so maybe some of you could have some "culture" in your turbo diet. It's very wise to study every type of engine made to come up with new and better ways of doing it yourselves.
    Give him a break please.
    Try to ask and learn something before waving the :bs: flag.
  2. Okay, i have a question in response to Mike's little reply. Since when has carbon (Im assuming carbon fiber) EVER been stronger than good ol steel, or titanium for that matter? When he said he broke his driveshaft(s) and had some company fab a carbon (fiber?) and now that holds? I dont get it. I believe most of it, trust me, my cousin has a non turbo Civic that runs twelves just from a swapped motor and suspension change. I know imports CAN have the potential to have raw power in them if you tune them, not just add a bunch a weighted crap. But what Im not understanding is how thats stronger, as well as a few other things. But thats the biggest.
  3. They sometimes use carbon fiber DS on Earth movers and HUGE trucks where the sheer weight of a steel driveshaft is retarded.

    Look it up.
  4. From what i've seen in this forum so far, Mike SVOR is the only guy in here that has the brains to actually LEARN something from my car. A lot of you guys have 4cyl turbos, and so do I. A lot of you guys have, 2.3L Turbo engines, and so do I. We're much more alike than you think.
  5. What do you think all the 6 second Mustangs are using?
    Aluminum? Not.

    They're carbon fiber.
  6. a lot of guys are also running the carbon kevlar drive shafts now as well. Both carbon and kevlar are much stronger than steel, I think that carbon is four times stronger and kevlar is 10. Both are much, much lighter as well.

  7. Well thanks, that cleared it up for me. I'm just beginning to learn a lot of things. I mean, I'm a computer geek to tell you the truth, and I just recently took an interest in cars when I got my Mustang back in June. I have no doubt that his car is fast, I was just curious about a few things. I'm not a hater, except when it comes to the usual Ricer. Please take no offense at my questioning. Just learning.
  8. None taken, I have no problem answering any questions that you guys might have.
  9. say more about the turbo. which compressor? which trim?
  10. Oh yah, what kind of 60' times are you running?
    It must be prett quick to break a driveshaft. :D
  11. A quick look through your buildup and alot of the bottom end parts are the same as what poeple use to build 2.3s. So thats pretty cool.

    I probably would have said something negative but after helping a friend work on a nean of all things I've eased about it.

    When it comes to Carbon fiber there's plenty of poeple who really think they know but the truth is a little differrent. How could some fabric and glass possibly be stronger than really thin aluminum? Well pretty easy to make it stronger when the material is laid down in a crossing pattern. I've seen steel hoods fly back and bend to a nonrepairable state. When the Carbon Fiber hood fly back on amandas car it broke the cowl, windsheild wiper arms, bent the metal cowl down about 4inches and bent the hood hinges to where I had to take the hood off. The "only" thing that happened to the hood was the paint got stratched. Carbon fiber definately stronger if molded right.

    Don't mind Cro he replys like that to everybody's posts here. :p Even his own.
  12. it has a GT30 turbine wheel, and the exhuast housing is ported to 8cm, 899 cfm's and the trim is 60-1.

    r/t: .945
    60: 1.573
    330: 4.303
    1/8: 6.421
    mph: 116.02
    1000: 8.228
    1/4: 9.747
    mph: 147.8

    any questions just ask.
  13. lol the neon I helped with outran a turbo eclipse and ran 10.5 in the 1/8th.
    I must live a sheltered life becuase I've never even seen an import break into the 7's in the 1/8th around here.
  14. :nice: Im convinced

    For now. :D
  15. WHY?? Money DOES NOT buy brains.

    Raw power is a bad term when describing a civic. They are just really light, it doesn't take but like 200whp,some traction, and a good driver to make them run 13's.
  16. Last friday night at the track, I saw a civic run 12.35's at 135 MPH!
    THAT is power and speed.
  17. That sounds like a bad traction problem, or too big of a turbo!

    Oh and You website is not working for me, can you post up some pics?
    Sold my DSM, But My sister/Brother-in-law still play with them.
  18. Mine??
  19. No bOOstd's site
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