Bill's 9 sec GSX

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  1. Wait you have nitrous now too? :rlaugh: You are a riot. If you ever get the balls to come race a real car i'm only a ride down the turnpike. Let me know.

    On another note. Please stop talking to me like you DO have a fast car. Remeber, I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!
  2. Dude, it's simple math. Work the equations out for yourself. The GT30 Turbo (which is actually a T04S compressor wheel) would be choked somewhere in the 40-50% range. In a car that powerful, it would have to be very high efficiency.

    MYTH: Busted.
  3. :lol:
    Along with a complete suspension, multiple visits to the car shows that are being held during 35 degree weather, multiple visits to the track, and whatever else your claiming i'd say pretty hard in 2 months.
  4. umm if youd look at the original post youd see that it says i have nitrous right in there. look, im done talking to you guys about this stuff. i could come get you and you still wouldn't believe me... have fun
  5. How much you running?

  6. I am still waiting for an explination for this miracle you pulled off? Do we have Jesus upon us? :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  7. BWAHAHHHHAAAHA this is some good stuff. I dunno what's worse... someone spending $81,000 on an eclipse or faking it. :lol:
  8. Ok here's what we'll do. I'll make a list of my cars you pick one out and give me your address and I'll come find you. lol
    everythings stock too
    93 Lightning
    87 Mustang coupe 351w stock w/ 351 and disc brake rear.
    88 Mustang coupe 2.3 turbo original turbo car but hey its no GSX
    84 SVO
    88 Turbocoupe
    95 Mazda Miata W/ mostly stock 302 has headers but thats it.
    89 Supercoupe Tbird
    78 Dodge Omni stock except for exhaust falling off.
    93 Pontiac Grand Am 4door but it is red.
    65 Chrysler Imperial Crown Built 413 about 450hp and it weighed 5671 w/o gas
    95 Neon (give me until 1st wk of january and I'll have the 360ci done)
    There's more I got tired of listing oh I have a 93 escort, its fast because I spray bottle pressure.
  9. you say you are running 9.747 1/4's, so you will beat his 10.32 , even when you back off the nitrous and lower your boost from 24lbs to 15lbs?
  10. Guys. It's over now. This roach is gone. He has
    been x-terminated. There is no more need to question his "tale of a show car". From here on out we must acknowage that this was a hoax by two 18 year old kids with acess to some DSM sites.

    I will say it seems as though kid#1 (nitrous rush) has changed his posting stlye for the better and will be treated now like a member. Good luck with your Mustang and my vote is for the turbo swap.
  11. hey ahhhhh 351 you have way too many cars. just to let every one who doesn't already no that. :nice:
  12. I know, someone believing them. :nonono:

    I can't even believe their story now.
  13. this is really one of those obvious moral stories ive seen on spounge bob square pants, though easy to predict the outcome, still entertaining! :p
  14. Anyone who would take on a project like this, with all the monetary backing, research, preparation and time investment, would have taken the time to document and photograph everything; not just as a means of proof but to support the work they had done and for a story board type showcase when showing the car, but for answering questions and providing a detailed timeline for possible magazine articles - which in the case of running a 9 anything! in the 1/4 would have the import rags all over you before you got off the track... That aside, are you so selfish to not even pass on all the little interesting things you found, faced and dealt with during the build up to your import buddies? Not even a basic site with pics of the car that takes about 10 minutes to create? Even if you handed over a $4500 car and twenty Grand, I'm sure you'd have at lease a before and after shot... :shrug:

    With a list of mods like that and not one word about the buildup, detailed track times and the time of year you chose to post this - all the tracks close in October here NY friend and I'm sure they follow suit in the entire NE region - it's really hard to believe any of it.

    If you had come in here and had given a bit wider of an introduction, explained what you were trying to accomplish and how you planned to get there, in a general sense “kept it real”, you probably would have gotten props from almost everyone here. To most of us it seems you got what you were really looking for though - Some much needed attention.

    I guess next time I want a multi page topic and all the negative attention I can muster, I'll just tell people about the 2000 HP 2.3 I'm working on. :nonono:

  15. Ohhhh so you want some too huh??? you cant make 2000 hp on a 2.3 with those specs on your turbo...its waaaaaay to ineffienct, the compressor maps dont even come close to that...i dont care if you stroked it 4.5lr , i say your full of it! ;) jk ... thought i would give you some attention
  16. I got all the attention I could ever want and more a few months ago. Too bad I was not conscious to enjoy it. Hey, here's a thought, if I get a settlement from my accident, maybe I'll buy a used Cobra and put 200K into it just for fun. Can't think of anything better to do with the money, like retirement planning, investments or buying a nice house with a 15 car garage... It's not like I'm going to have a relapse and have to go through cognitive therapy again - chaa, I'll just put it all in my car and quit my job at MacDonald’s and post on message boards what a cool ass **** I am. What the hell, I don't need to think more than a week into the future.

  17. sounds like a bad story, i take it you were hit? (sorry if it was posed either i missed it, or it was my before sn time :shrug:
  18. Are you joking or are you really that retaded? Carbon fiber is a composite that was DESIGNED to be stronger than steel. Its practically least when it comes to automotive applications.
  19. put me a video on i want to see this 9sec car,hehe
  20. DSMs RULE!! im planning on getting a 1g tsi soon..:D
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