1. so a deal popped up that i couldnt pass up... so some of my trans money had to be moved to buy them

    brand new in the box for a STEAL... gotta order lug nuts and 3" front studs still. oh and tires

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  2. Baller!!! Love me some polished wheels!!!
  3. @madspeed ^^^^ His wheels are shiny!!!
  4. not sure if they will stay polished or not. the welds on the rear are plastidiped. so i may plastidip these. or repolish the rears
  5. Rub it in...
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  6. in other news... with the quick time bell housing you need shorter bolts. and since fords about as bright as a blown out lightbulb when it comes to using standard parts. no one had a 7/16" bolts in stock. my ass ordered them from mcmastercarr (best website ever for ordering botls) they should be here today. i got some fancy flange headed 12 points

    for anyone doing a C4 swap down the road with this bell housing. you need a 7/16" x 1.5"
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  7. I hate anything 7/16" bolt wise what a terrible idea! The only thing worse was my old Kurgan blower brace that was 9/16" fine thread. When i had to make a new center support tube I had to buy rh and lh 9/16 taps ( a small fortune....) and 9/16 chromoly all thread rod rh and lh. tell me how easy that was to find..... Mcmaster had the taps but not the all thread rod.
  8. if mcmaster doesnt have it i wouldnt even know where to look
  9. Your local Fastenal should have them too
  10. didnt check there... since they never seem to sell singles. and i dont need a box of them. our local tractor supply use to have them but not any more
  11. I go there all the time. They sell everyting by the each, and since i usually only get a few little odd nuts, bolts, etc, they rarely even charge for them! Win win
  12. You flashing them or something? What about me???? lmao
  13. There is this one chic thats kinda cute. Seems to know her way around nuts and a good screw :D
  14. finally getting back on this the last few weeks

    budget ran dry so i had to wait for some more side jobs.
    picked up a B&M pro shifter (still want the PPP down the road)
    picked up 2 cross members 1 of which had trashed tubes which is why i ended up buying a 2nd one
    picked up new urethane bushings for the cross member. and to all you jack asses who jack up on the trans cross member brackets... EAT A DICK! my brackets were so bent and twisted up it was a real PITA to get the cross member back in
    ran the trans cooler lines and got the driver side header in. going to be clamping down the cooler lines tonight and putting passanger header in. need to jack the motor up to get the header past the separator plate and the K member

    then its wire up the trans brake
    change the front coil overs
    and get front tires
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  15. auto with 4.10, man you dont need push the gas to cruising around town, it go on it own ^^
  16. the converter might be a little too loose for that

  17. Breakin necks and cashin checks! Is this project done yet? ;)
  18. got 2 old skinnys laying around? lol that will speed things up

    i did put the drive shaft up last night i think i need to call @Sharad and get a spacer