1. I have a set with some flat spots to the cords from when we crashed my car last year, lol
  2. HAHAHA dont think i want to be using those
  3. Get at me, bro.
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  4. Did this thing go 11's yet?!

  5. Haven't started it since like October
  6. Ok so the lines are clamped down. Both headers are in. Just need to get the motor square into the k member. It's being a whore... and I will make it ****
  7. ok so i got some catching up to do

    motor is in square now
    headers are in
    converter is bolted up
    steering column is back in (**** working under the dash!)
    nitrous panel is rewired to get rid of everything 5 speed related
    strange struts are in
    new rotors are on the way (cracked one putting 3 inch studs in)... remember the saying measure twice cut once?yea this applies to pressing in studs also. the power slot rotors i had have a .565 bore for the studs. the moroso 3" studs have a .615 shoulder for the press. and it didnt work out well.

    ordering tires next week just need to finish the wire up on the trans brake and nitrous stuff
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  8. What was the deal with the headers not fitting to good, I'm guessing you found some sort of solution?
    So you'll have this thing ready to rock and roll by the time it's 100 degrees out side;)
  9. lifted the motor up to get it under the bell housing then when the motor wouldnt go square i put a jack under the oil pan rail to jack up passanger side of motor and put a strap around CC plate and motor mount and lowered it back down and it twisted everything enough to get everything square
  10. That sounds like it was a royal pain in the as$!
  11. oh it was... a lot of laying down then getting up... then laying down and getting back up.

    in other news the rotors will be here tomorrow
  12. tires are ordered...

    and if you ask discount tire... they are going on the rear
  13. Also... if your going to order tires from discount tire. But down its for a 72 vw bug
  14. I know you have heard all the horror stories about using those VW tires on a mustang, but it really did happen to a friend of mine. The tire blew out going down the interstate.

  15. I've heard a few... also know of a few guys who have been 200+ on them. My car doesn't see much high way time
  16. ok so i knocked the studs out of the new rotors... STILL not the right size hole in the rotors for a 3" FORD stud. SO prob going to be on hold for a few days till after i get up to my buddys shop to mount the tires and use his mill to drill the holes out for the studs.

    so this week i will keep going with the wire up for the nitrous and mounting the shifter. think im going to make something like the holcomb mount
  17. That holcomb mount is pretty sweet. we used it on my brothers car and it really looked nice and fit well with the factory console
  18. yea we used one like it when we built the 03 cobra's back in the day. im just not paying that kinda money for it when i can make it lol.... that and my budget is empty. actually had to use money out of the bank lately lol
  19. Ready to throw her in some corners

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  20. you got pizza cutters on there maaaan. It's got nothin on white lightning.