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  1. What kind of 60ft did you have on this pass?
  2. Which pass? Ive been 1.349, bu i am hoping to go sub 1.30's with the new clutch
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  3. Awesome job! Where there is a will there is a way!!!! Effort payed off! Any plans to go back, after the wedding??? Hopefully your bride supports your habit.

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  4. Yea, my lady totally supports the racing stuff and comes to the track every now and then, she was very patient with me this summer and never gave me any :poo: about all the late nights in the garage over the summer. We are getting married next year so drag week will be a no go but i plan on doing everything i can to go back in 2015.

    The car still has some ET left in it and im going to dial it in next summer.
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  5. HP seems low, but for EFI it maybe that low idk. At-least that dyno put a more realistic number then the one I ran mine on.

    So is this a 10.0 class that who ever runs the closes average wins that class? Sounds a lot like NMRA/NMCA True Street.

  6. I may be alone in this, but I love cars with engine parts sticking through the hood. Besides, it's not like you car can't back up the look, haha. Did that create any issues when driving in the rain?
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  7. What would be the problem with rain? You're not alone on liking the look of a blower etc sticking through the hood/
  8. As far as the power number goes, i dont really care, i took the car to the dyno after the track just to see where it was making peak power in the car. I am putting a 4500 throttle body on the car and that will double the airflow potential of the 4150 so i think that will be worth quite a bit of power. The manifold shows 2" of vacuum towards the top of the pull.

    The class at dragweek is heads up. There is a pretty specific set of rules for this class and it is the most limited class on dragweek as far as rules go. You make a pass every day, hand the timeslip to the tower, and they average the five days. Fastest average of the class wins.
    I dont hate the look but i think it is much cleaner with no holes in the hood. It actually looked much better than i thought it was going to. The problem was that we hit monsoon like rain. So the filter had no chance, it was very nerve racking driving my brand new bmfer of a motor thru rain storms with that air filter getting poured on. We stopped every time the rain got really bad and there was definitely water getting into the motor. Not anything that did any damage though. We tried putting a chamois cloth over it but by that point it was raining so bad that it didnt help. I should have come up with a better solution but the thrash was so crazy during that week we really didnt even have time to worry about it until it was too late.
  9. Water injection = cooler IAT's so what exactly is the problem? lol
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  10. Just out of curiosity do you think you might eventually throw some spray at it? See how quick it can really go. Maybe some 8's? Do you have limiters on the front end? It leaves well and you are cutting good 60s but it's not very violent out of the hole(which is a great thing) I've been seeing some of these mustangs cutting 1.18-1.20 60s(ungodly) I'll be happy if I can get mine in the 1.5 range
  11. Its more violent than it looks, the car, in my opinion wasnt too consistent on drag week in the first 100'. It bounces a ton on marginal tracks and even when it went 1.36 on dragweek it didnt look so pretty. I plan on trying some things with the rear end to free some adjustment up in the front end.

    Right now i have to run the front end full loose or else it will knock the tires off of it. If i have a loose surface to race on i have no adjustment left and a small tuning window for the suspension. I have talked with Tim that has the 86 hatch with the ls motor and he had similar issuse and gave me some suggestions to try so next year that is on the agenda. Id like to see a 1.29 sixty foot and i think i can do it
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  12. Yeah I've seen him over on the corral talking about some different things. His car is nasty. I'm switching over to the team z suspension myself.
    I def can see you getting into the 1.20s next year. I think that's probably the hardest thing to get sorted out(consistent/low 60-330ft) your car is badass and I didn't want to imply your car is some slouch:nice: It comes out hard:hail:
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  13. @A5literMan I didnt take it as you saying the car is a slouch... It is kind of a compliment to me if people think it looks tame, the drama free passes are always the fast ones.

    Here are some videos i did from drag week.

    This is day 2 into day 3, the best pass of the week, and probably the best pass of my life. I didnt think i would go 9's in the heat and humidity.


    This was a compilation of the week for me


    Here is Tim in his 454ci LS truck motor that won the Big Block class... He went 9.24 at cecil a couple weeks ago! The car is IMPRESSIVE.


    Here's my buddy Mike, this dart was one of the coolest cars on drag week. Looks so tame till he gets into the burnout box. The car has so many tricks you cant see... Dual fuel systems, Fast XFI, 5/8'' studs under the hubcaps.


    And last but not least my east coast pal for the week Mark. Super clean Grand Prix, IS nitrous system on board. This is his 3rd drag week without a single failure.

  14. :trip:Nothing beats drag racing videos on a cold November morning!! Just awesome! Every one of those are:drool: Can only imagine how much fuel you guys burnt through on that trip lol. I can see what you're saying about your car off the line. I'm jealous. It's exactly what I'd love to do.
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  15. So, no dragweek for me this year but i will probably use this thread to document progress.

    I was sitting in my library flipping thru 5.0 and fast fords and went right past this page, then it clicked that i might have just seen my car, went back, and there she was... Pretty cool feeling i must say.

    New Throttle body, valley plate, and i opened up the 4150 flange to a 4500, and milled just about 1" off the intake to get the air filter back under the hood. Came out great, i still have to order a 1/4 in shorter filter.

    4150 throttle body vs. 4500. The 4500 is massive in comparison.
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    I also updated the radiator fans to a dual 11" spal setup. My old ones were $20 dual taurus fans and they were pretty clapped out. I think these should help out should i ever try to drive the car in 90° and up weather again. With the old fans the car would run down the road right about 200° The brackets were made for me by Tim with the gray 86 hatchback from dragweek. Cant tell from this picture but they are pretty damn nice and hug the radiator fins and have 1/2" rubber pads to keep the thing from shaking itself apart.
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  16. you get the clutch issue squared away?
  17. I think so, the transmission is back in and now im pushing to get it to the body shop so they can paint the new hood.
  18. Wanna sell that 4150? Shoot me a PM if ya do. Figure it's already spoken for though.

    Anyways, I saw signups for drag week last week. Got me excited to go check it out again this summer. I'm also going to be using a holley system so it's good to know you've got a handle on it in case I struggle.
    Looking forward to seeing what your car does this year, I was impressed last year for sure
  19. Thanks, don't know when ill get to make a pass with it, most of my runs will probably come after august, life is pretty busy this summer. The 4150 is long gone, sorry. The holley stuff is pretty easy to tune but there are quirks with it like anything else. Let me know if i can help out.
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  20. Holy big throttle body! That 4500 dwarfs the 4150. I didn't realize the size difference. A"buddy" of mine is building a twin turbo setup for his 540BBC to compete in drag week. It's a former cover car for Autometer. White 65 Malibu SS that has gone 8.80's on the juice. Should be interesting