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  1. Thats awesome, there are so many badass cars at that event, it is just insane. Its like the coolest collection of cars you have seen at one track, all at the same time, for 5 days in a row. It is so crazy to me what people will do, myself included, to compete in an event where the only prize is a jacket. It should be interesting what happens with registration on the even in the coming years. This year they sold 260 spots in 8 minutes and an extra 91 got in because the site selling the tickets couldnt keep up with the volume of people.

    In other news, i got my new clutch and transmission in, along with the transmission girdle, and had a friend come over and work the pedal while i checked the air gap under the car and everything was good. We also put the new hood on, it feels good to finally be making progress on this thing.

    I actually bought this clutch and flywheel before dragweek but i knew with how involved setting up the clutch was going to be, and the learning curve of adjusting it, i decided to put the clutch from my old 345" motor in it and pray that it held up, which it did, barely... This happened 3 passes after i got home from dragweek, when i was really trying to get after it on the launch. The datalog showed a 7000 rpm launch.
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  2. Love this car.
    I saw he posted on corral saying he was ditching the LS setup now for a coyote/manual setup.
  3. Yea he wants to slow the car down a little and get better MPG, basically more of a cruiser than what it is now, he is also getting tired of the NHRA donations. The whole motor intake to pan to vac pump to headers is on sale for $9500, which is a steal.
  4. After having spent the money to build my milder, smaller cubed version I can attest to him pretty much giving it away at that price
  5. @tannerc91gt Yup, and he still has guys that are trying to take 500 bucks off of it...
  6. That's Corral for ya. You could give something away for free and someone would ask to send $50 with it. Well, any classified really. I hate selling (but I love buying!)
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  7. @hoopty5.0 Agreed, i think it is on LS1tech. Problem is the motor isnt a dyno queen its a workhorse and people dont want a 700 hp motor that runs 9.20s as much as a 1000 hp motor that goes 8.90's
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  8. So after a long summer of constant weddings and messing with the adjustable clutch, i gave up on the clutch, it was way too aggressive of a disc material for the amount of miles i put on the car and i also couldnt get an acceptable air gap out of it.

    I ordered this guy, it is a 9.5" twin disc ACE clutch and its pretty bad to the bone from what ive heard. A lot of coyote stock guys are running them.

    I also got married on august 2nd, and did this when i left...

    Which resulted in this...

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  9. That's awesome

    That's awesome

    That sucks

    Real emotional roller coaster here haha
    Gonna upgrade the trans or just put it back together?
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  10. Thanks, thanks, and yes, it sucked, but at least the car got me home. i got greedy and whacked 3rd during the burnout and that was that... It shook the car hard enough to pop the inertia switch. I was going to just rebuild it, but liberty is 8 weeks out and on top of that some of the gears may not be available. I found a faceplated TKO-600 that i am going to buy and trade my broken TKO to make up a little money on it. Its more than i wanted to spend but i think the car will be better in the long run with the 2.87 first gear.
  11. :chin

    ...I'm getting married soon. How to pitch the idea....
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  12. Congrats on the nuptials! And did you explain "How lucky" she was for it still being drivable? She would have looked funny pushing in a wedding dress. :rolleyes:
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  13. Here is what i did, I suggested she get a dress that she can comfortably get in the car with the rollcage, I also gave the car a good cleaning a couple days before... Her dress was pretty fluffy, she either didnt take me seriously or thought the car would be on jackstands, which isnt an unfair assumtion. She handled the situation pretty gracefully though. haha


    Yes i did tell her we were lucky, we had a limo tailing us either way, but i woulda had a hard time leaving the thing on the side of the road or in a parking lot somewhere...
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  14. Cool, cool. It should be a bonus that I just fixed the A/C as well. we shall see how it goes.
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