how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. 03 gt with 61k miles
  2. Only put 3k and some change on it since July, I have cut back on driving it alot.

    Still pound it 95% of the times I am behind the wheel though, nothing has broken yet.

    Just needs general matinence... tires, brakes, tune up.
  3. '02 with 73K on the clock. It was my DD for almost six years until I got a car to drive everyday. Now its going to come out on nice days only like it deserves! :)
  4. Mines up to 154k now.:jaw:
  5. i have a 2001 GT 5 speed with about 105,000 miles. What can i say i love driving a mustang!!! I just had my inspection done and they checked out everything and nothing is bad at all. That might be because i try and do premaintance as much as possible.
  6. Update on mine,

    79K on my 03 GT
    161K on the 98 chasis, 51k on pi motor
  7. 99GT Just hit 21k
  8. 2004
    37k on the body
    10k on the motor
  9. just sold my 99 sunday with 78,428 miles.

    if i sell my 95, im in search of a white 99-04.
  10. 2001 - 18k

    no problems unless i caused them by tinkering.
  11. 2001 - 75,000 miles
  12. 2003 GT with 96,000 miles here.
  13. 2002 gt w/ 86,XXX. Running strong and about to start spraying:banana:
  14. Update -

    2002 - I broke 50k on the last drive of the year. I thought I drove it more this year, but ended 2008 with only 3600 miles or so. I vow to try to drive it 4k this year.
  15. My 97 GT has 76k and runs great....wish I could say the same for the suspension:notnice:
  16. yeah, my stock motor had sbout 108k on it and run great, it still had ALL the hone marks in the cylinders, 4.6 are great motors, i wish i could say the same about the T45:nonono:
  17. My 96 has 196,000 on it and uses a little oil but still runs strong and trans is still in good shape too.
  18. 2003 GT here with 89400 miles.
  19. 2002 - 42,000 miles.

    Haven't had any engine problems, but I did have to replace 3 stock Goodyears (all picked up nails-doing much better now that I'm on Nittos). I also replaced the stock gas tank since it had a crack in it. Also, my traction-lok is worn out and has been for quite some time. Seems like a poor build from Ford as I don't drag race my car and I don't spin the tires excessively. Bit more problems then I would have liked for owning it for 16,000 miles but it's a fun car and I'd buy another one. :nice: