I got a Lawyer for us on the Tremec 3650

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  1. To all those who have experienced any of these problems and won't take the time to email Dewayne :nonono:
  2. If you didn't know: TREMEC=
    TRansmisiones Y Equipos MECanicos

    thought that was rather interseting in my reading in depth about the company.

    Keeping the thread fresh. We need more guys. Don't bother with the naysayers. I guess we can start calling it a TurdMEC. That is what I call them now.
  3. So what are we up to now?
  4. Dewayne,

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. As soon as I get home tonight I will sent you an email. I am on my second 3650.

  5. *bump*

    to the naysayers:
    I realize that the mustang is a popular car to "hotrod" but not everyone does it. I think that the car should withstand what it was meant to be, a musclecar. I realize that people with a long list of aftermarket parts and a stack of time slips shouldn't complain but then there's guys like me. I'm 30 years old and my '01 Cobra was a divorce present to my self and a byproduct of the 50+ hours a week I work at the assembly plant. The car is bone stock except for 18" Roush wheels, Flowmasters, and a Mac CAI and the tranny has failed 3 times within 13,800 miles and they tried to say I abused it with no proof or evidence of such, needless to say the dealership and field district engineer are being sued.
    My car is my pride and joy. When I want to race, I have a 10 second fox body stang to beat on and a Kawasaki ZX-12R

    Ford will regret thier dislyalty to the consumers on this one:mad:
  6. Don't blame me for my trany crunch. I too have had multitudes of manual shift cars, my 88 5.0 Stang had 200,000 miles still with the original clutch!! I don't beat it and know how to shift. My problem started at 5k, the replacement trany is worse, and is VERY annoying. There is no way this thing is going to last 200k miles at this rate.

    The Ford field service rep is sympathetic, he has forwarded my emails to Dearborn and says there is quite a discussion going on there about it (probably just laughing at us all). They don't know what to do!

    Problem is no one has come up with a root cause, which is primary to fixing it (not one they are telling the dealers anyway). As I said before, if they don't all have the problem, there should be an identifiable difference between a good one and a bad one that a good engineer could pinpoint. Then maybe we could get em fixed.

    I'm convinced it's a design problem, rather than a quality problem (swapping internals with new parts "made to print" doesn't fix it). If some do it and others don't, all with parts "made to print", it's likely a tolerance stack-up problem.

    I'd like to know if the many complete failures I'm reading about are preceded by the "simple anoyance" of the syncro clash, or if these failures are more evidence of an overall weak design and poor quality

    The replacement trany still doesn't shift properly all the time even when the oil is fully warm (2nd and 3rd upshifts). I shift it 20 times going to work and 20 times going home, every day, crunch never goes away unless I spend an hour on the freeway.

    I'll do whatever it takes to fix it before the warranty expires, there's no way I'm paying for it when it blows up completely the day after the warrantees up. I'll get rid of it before then if I have to. What a shame such an otherwise great car has such a flaw.
  7. I agree if Ford doesn't respond by the time our warrenties are up getting rid of the car may be our only choice.
  8. onhestly you guys need to stop whining about this. maybe there have been a few messed up trannies and it seems like ford has been trying to take care of them. but are you trying to put Ford out of business. I mean come on you bought a performance car, you drive it hard and stuff is gonna break, trannies especially. theres no way in hell ford is gonna recall all tremec transmissions so just suck it up and invest in a TKO and forget about it.
  9. Yea, that's a great attitude to have:rolleyes: Just go ahead and send me the money for a TKO or T-56 and I'll get one, otherwise I'm gonna keep whining, and I will win.

    You can't tell me that a car that is bone stock with 13,800 miles that has gone through 3 trannys is normal?:rolleyes:

    C'mon dude, get real, I'm not whining, I paid 30k for a car that has been down more than drivable, and I want justice.
  10. Husun are you insane?

    I am a ***** to my car,I never drive it hard. My dealership knows me and they know I take damn good care of my car. How about you drive a car that when you down shift or shift for that matter going around a corner normally slow as hell, won't go into gear until you put all your might into it. I have had many performance cars, we are not fools man we know how to drive. The trannies are $hit. I am not gonna sit around and grind the piss out of my tranny and say it is supposed to do that. You are one of the luky ones, so stay out of the conversation. We are not trying to bring Ford down, but if you bought a tv and if shut off , or made loud noises , and the picture was $hit, I bet you money you would take it back, we can;t take our cars back, it dont work that way. We just want a tranny that dont grind , and goes into gear. That is it, and they are not giving it to us. So we are not the bad guys here, we just want what we paid for.

    Please guys ! Mad Mad thanks to you all that have the same problem.
  11. all you guys that say 'you're just whiners' are a shame...

    ive left my stang BONE STOCK...NOTHING has been changed, and ive NEVER been to the track. not once.

    i bought the car in june of 01, and by september of 01(when it starts to get cold) it was grinding into second.

    yep, sure sounds like a quality piece that was just trashed by a reckless owner and long list of mods :rolleyes:
  12. That post was wrong enough to make me want to send in an email. I'll send mine in tomorrow.

    I dont abuse my car. I *never* take off with abusive launches, I don't do burn outs, I don't "power shift". Occasionally, I chrip 1-2, very rarely I'll get a little chirp in to 3, but I bought a sports car. I think your logic is completely backwards. You're right, I bought a performance vehicle and I expect that for the $30grand I dropped on the car that it should perform like a sports car (with in reason).

    If I never wanted to harness the 260 bone stock (and my car is stock down the air filter) ponies that I bought, I'd go out and buy a toyota corolla. Why sell a sports car if it can't perform like a sports car should without breaking? I think its absolutely foolish to say "suck it up and go buy a TKO" for my bone stock car. If I havent even changed the air filter because I don't want to void the warranty I certainly don't think its fair to expect me to "suck it up" and buy a brand new transmission to replace an inferior part.

    My tranny is notchy from the 1-2 and occassionally won't go into 3 from 2. My throwout bearing has been squeaking since 3,000 miles but every time I bring it in it mysteriously fixes its self. Im not happy with the feel or quality of my transmission at all. It feels cheap, and it is cheap.
  13. I just sent you an e-mail...thanks for taking action!

  14. you went through 3 trannie, hmm I have made like 50 1/4 passes and mine is fine, I gues you just happened to get 3 of the bad ones???

    For the guys who have bone stock cars, that sucks and i dont think you should have to get a tko that was meant for the guys who were modding it. What does ford say when you take it for repair?
  15. My car has 4500 miles on it, I got it less than 2 months ago ... I took it to the dealership I bought it from and they told me it was "normal". They din't even want to bother taking it out for a ride to see what this "normal" gear grinding was. My car is 100% bone-stock as of now, but Im worried the minute I get the Vortech in the transmission is gonna take a crap on me :nonono:

  16. They have to reproduce it and mysteriously it never seems to happen when they take it out :bs: They simply don't acknowledge that it exists because they know that my car is bone stock and they won't be able to pick anything to void my warranty with.
  17. i agree that does suck but it must not be that bad if they cannot reproduce it. They only thing i could say is keep driving it hard till it breaks and then theyll have no choice but to do somthing with it. goodluck
  18. All three times when I took it in I made sure they knew it was broke. The notchy shifting and hard to get in first was tolerable but it eventually started popping out of second all three times. Car is stock except for Wheels, mufflers, and CAI. It's bad enough that Ford knows there is a problem but in my case the dealer tried to screw me over as well, and now they are being sued and practically begging for me to settle out of court. I'm gonna make them wait like they did me, meanwhile trying to take the matter up with Dearborn. I work at an assembly plant so I know how things work and if enough people step up then Dearborn will do something about in hopes to prevent a lawsuit.
  19. I'll stick this for a while for all you poor folk with the sucky 3650's :D
  20. And you live in Connecticut... I know it gets cold there.

    Actually, I think the 3650 is a damn good race transmission. I've got 90+ passes on mine, powershifted every time, no sign of trouble. Of course, when I raced the car was at operating temperature, which seems to make all the difference.

    You have a T5, right? Overall I'd take the 3650 any day. I know this is an anti-3650 thread, and I have tried to give some useful tips (change motor mounts, slow down shifting, let the car warm up, etc.). BUT, I can't resist mentioning how much I love the 3650. I've had a T5 and it was just not fun to shift. When I bought my latest Mustang ('01 GT), I fully intended to by an automatic, but the quality of the linkage on the 3650 won me over. Mine has crunched a few times when cold... I can live with that.

    Incidentally, there were many of the same complaints about the T45. I guess the bottom line is that when they make a transmission easier to shift, and give it numerically higher ratios, the manufacturer has to walk a fine line between durability and driveability.