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  1. Im not 21 yet.
  2. people have always used some type of weapon to fight. whether its a stick or a gun. and im sure theres more fist fights than gun fights.
  3. chingado, hermano, ojala que tengas cuidado con esas cosas.
  4. and do you know how many are killed by ILLEGALLY owned guns? And how many are killed with LEGALLY owned guns?
  5. So what he has a gun collection it's his right to own what he wants. As soon as I purchase my home guess what a gun is going to be purchased. It may not be to the extent of the posters collection, but I see no reason to get your panties in a bunch for his gun hobby. I agree with ROLLIN5.0....well said
  6. lol. claro que si. nomas las tengo para ir a tirar. y estan guardadas en una caja fuerte. eres Mexicano?
  7. + Uno :D
  8. I also agree with rollin5.0 exept for one thing automatic guns aren't illegal, you just need the reqired permits to get your hands on a legal auto. which is hard to obtain
  9. no me considero mexicano, si no americano. si soy hispano, pero mis papas y mis abuelos nacieron aqui en estados unidos. fijate mi nombre, carnal, me nombraron como gringo, jejeje, y aparte de ser guero, muchos de aqui me consideran gringo de atiro. lo que pasa es que mi novia y su familia son de monterrey, nl, asi que me tengo que aprender, no, jejeje. sus hermanas hablan ingles, pero la suegra no.
  10. You tell me. Hey, when u got shot at, as u state so often (tough guy u are right) and shot back, u could have killed the person, or an inocent person in the area with a stray bullet, with your legally owned gun right? So then what? You go to jail. No jury will find u innocent, even tho it was self defense (as you say). And if you did kill someone else with a stray bullet, then you are deffinatly screwed.
  11. All I can say is wow...

    First, I do like guns. I've wanted an .40 H&K USP Compact for a while now. My reason? I'm a criminal justice major and also in US Army ROTC. It would be beneficial to me to be a good shot, which takes practice. Rifle shooting I get to do at the expense of the Army, so there is no point for me to buy an M4/AR15. Now, having guns as readily available as they are definately causes some problems. If guns did not exist then we'd still be using the bow, sword, or bricks.. Would it reduce crime? Not really. The methods used would just be different.

    The AR15 is also pretty sweet. Is it overkill? Yes. Civilians having assault rifles is one of the reasons the police started equipping the cars with AR's and MP5s. I would be intimidated if I were going to a call knowing that the person had a large arsenal. I'm not saying that every person that collects firearms is going to use them on somebody. It's usually the few bad apples that makes everyone else look bad.
  12. "Stangnet--not just mustangs, we tackle real issues."
  13. actually you wont get screwed, not in AZ. I only mentioned once about getting shot at, and couple people asked bout, and i replied to it. and my point is most people killed with guns are illegaly owned, like when you illegaly drive drunk.
  14. I wonder if it where a more "popular" member showing or displaying there gun collection would they respond the same way.......

  15. Sweet, so you can kill an innocent bystander on accident while in a gun fight with some punk ass kids, and nothing will happen to you jail wise? I can see the judge saying, well he didnt mean to shoot the 10 year old girl on her porch, so yea let me go home. :lol:

  16. People would probably ignore it instead of giving their opinions..
  17. Well said.
  18. If it happened in self defense and a "stray bullet" accidentally kills some one he can not be charged for murder. It was not intentionally done and would be ruled an accidental murder, which would result in probation with no jail time.
  19. My thought exactly....