Mustang makes top three list of most hated cars on BMW M3 forum...

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  1. Ah Topless Beach, its great to hear an intelligent comment!! You hear them so infrequently here on Stangnet!!
  2. Gotta admit Excon, your attacks on the Mustang are usually followed with attacks on education of people who own American cars and then the old Excon standard hillbilly/redneck line. You do get personal, whether you think you do or not. Now it doesn't bother me in the least, because I could care less what some yokel in Florida on the internet thinks about me, but it always seems you like to needle people here with personal attacks, under the guise of "I read it in Car and Driver," etc.
  3. Well, Silver glad to make your day a little brighter!! Wouldn't it be great if people just lightened up a little and not turn Stangnet into the Ten Commandments. After all this is a car forum and the Talk section is OFF TOPIC , not a discussion on reforming Social Security which I am certain our great leader GW Bush will turn into another quagmire as he does so well!!
  4. Oh don't be so melodramatic. I'm only pointing out that you can't wait to point out when you're being personally attacked, but fail to see when you do the same thing.

    I am not sure why you would expect people to act differently towards you when you call them rednecks and uneducated constantly.
  5. Pretty much sums up this whole thread for me. It just illustrates that there is simply NOTHING near the Mustang to compare it to, and the fact that there exist more similarities than differences between two cars with such a wide price disparity (100+%) speaks volumes about how good the Mustang really is since we all agree :rolleyes: that these other cars are certainly not bad.
  6. Exactly, and if the Mustang were $50k, then it's a whole different story. The fact that people even mention the Stang GT in the same sentence with a car double the price says something positive about the Mustang if anything.
  7. Comparing the 3 series to the M3 is like comparing a V6 stang to a Saleen/Roush/Steeda from the same year. The "M"s are awesome in every way, the "3"s are grocery getters, not that much better than an Accord.

    The 05 Mustang is whipping the BMW "M"s in the racing series with a solid axle it is true, but they've been allowed to run the 5.0-cammer, the shreiks of protest from BMW and Porsche (running head to head with the 05 Stangs and losing) is deafening.
  8. Considering the fact that the stock M3 is a very tweaked 3 series car and the stock GT is well...stock???? Comparing the two is a little stretch considering that fact. Now when the Cobra comes out, it should be more apples to apples comparrison so to speak of modified stock vs modified stock.

    The cars that are on the race track (M3, Porsche, Mustangs) are serious race cars and have been modified quite a bit to be able to meet the requirements for the racing on the track. Yes...they are supposed to be "Production" representative to a point, but they are modified. I bet the M3's and Porsche's are not running the same engine, suspensions, etc as their production brothers......

    The new Mustang is the reinvention of the Muscle Car, it can only get better with it's current stir and cause for comments from many other brands owners. Yes...inject a little humor, creative sarcasm, but don't pick on a person's heritage or other traits. Yeah...I'm a Southerner, but we welcome Yankees here just like we would anyone else. So...Y'all come back now, ya hear!
  9. I just sold this car to get a Mustang GT. :D

    But, now there aren't any GT's to be had. :fuss:

  10. I'm late on this but go back and read the forum rules. Rule #1 broke. Keep this thread and the comments above the belt please! :nice:
  11. Quote from M3 forum:

    "we were on a turn so i was in mode 5 and i flipped on the sport button"


    Sounds like a video game not a car......I could never buy one of them thar Yuropeean cars, too many buttons 'n such.......

    Gas, brake, clutch, wheel & shifter. Any more than that & I run out of limbs. :crazy:
  12. ^^^Lets go to warp speed Mr. Sulu!
  13. Aye, Captain, course laid in, 5k clutch drop engage!
  14. The quality of "engineering" will go up as more money/time is provided. Most engineers are just as capable to design a bmw as they are a mustang, the bmw engineers have more to work with. Any qualified engineer can provide a superior design given enough time/money/resources, but what truly makes an engineering marvel is doing more with less. The marketing, design team and management all determine how "well engineered" a car is not just the engineers. BMW's have just as many problems as american cars, hell they are made assembled in South Carolina not Germany. From what I've seen GMC has some of the most talented engineers and chrysler has the worst.
  15. People I know who have BMW's have had nothing but trouble with them, no wonder they offer that free maintenance stuff now. The cars are in the shop weekly, and with the cost of repairing a god. They may look solid, but they can run like crap just like every other car.
  16. My daughter has a 2002 BMW 330xi and she HATES it. It has left her dead on the expressway twice in the last year alone. Its a piece of crap, is always in the repair shop for electrical, brake and suspension problems. I will never buy one again. Prior to that she had a Subaru Outback and never had a single problem in the 3 years of ownership. She want to get rid of it. My sister has an Outback too...same thing, great car. My son has an Audi S4 and since he bought it a year ago it has been in the service department at least 6 times and it is on its way in again next week. German cars are a joke when it comes to reliability (in my experience and in the experience of many) and I wont be buying another for a long time, if ever! When I pay huge money for a car I dont expect it to die in the middle of the expressway...the Japanese are the only ones who have quality right. In the mean time, my vette convert was built on Monday and it should be delivered in the next 10days. I know I wont see the inside of a repair shop every two months and I will kick the a$$ of any M3 driver who comes along. :nice:
  17. There's a gal at my work has an '03 330 and the freaking thing died on the freeway too...totally dead. She got it to the side and it started. About a week later, did the same thing. Apparently it was a computer malfunction, she had to have it replaced. Well now it's 6 months later and they've replaced it 2 more times. She told me today she also had the power brakes go out last week and now they think there's a problem with the master cylinder. She has a lease until early next year, she desperately wants to get out of it and would never buy another BMW.
  18. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]My question is how are these children affording 50k M3's?[/QUOTE]

    You think this is bad? BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA! I went to St. Rose High School in Belmar, NJ. I got there on an 80% scholarship from my high ITBS scores, so I'm not rich. I was pretty much ostrisized by the other kids because I wasn't wealthy and Irish. I never knew there were people hated Italians until I attended that school. These kids were from the towns Spring Lake, Sea Girt, and the richest four blocks of NJ (not an exaggeration), Avon By the Sea. There were teens there who had BULGING wallets with at least $500 dollars in them and daddy's $50,000 Gold Mastercard. They would get "jobs" at the local golf course or the companies their parents owned. If they worked at the golf courses as caddies, they would make $400 - $600 CASH from other wealthy patrons who would tip them $200 for carrying their clubs!! I remember one kid who worked for a factory in Wall Township his father owned. He got $600 a week for being a "manager" there. He worked about 10 hours a week!!!! Then they would berate the few kids (me and five others) who had ACTUAL jobs, telling them they were cry babies - working was easy! :nonono:

    When it came time for cars, to get a brand new Mustang or Firebird was considered "humiliating" or "low class." Most of the kids got Corvettes, Mercedes, Porsches, BMWs, etc.

    To give you a perspective on how idiotic most of these wealthy parents were, here's a little story. I remember one Junior there, a year under me. She had a Mercedes convertible. She trashed it on the parkway going around 120. So her parents got the little princess ANOTHER one. She trashed that one in a similar fashion. So now her parents decided to "teach her a lesson." They bought her a four door base model BMW. She was crushed! Oh, the horror! So I guess to spite them, she trashed that one, too. Well, now her parents were REALLY mad! They had to pay off another judge, and mommy may have to settle for only 50k in jewlery this year! They got her a new Firebird (this was back in 2001). Whoa! That borders on child abuse! To think her parents got her a $30k car! How could she show her face at school?

    These parents never showed their kids the value of the dollar. It was really disgusting. These 16 year olds had more money than most middle class families in their savings accounts and they would blow it all on alcohol and weed. Who cared about grades? They would buy their way into college!

    I made a promise to myself that if I ever became successful and earned like these families did, I would never treat my children like this. They would learn what real work was. They would save up and buy their own car like I did. Besides, when you're young, you bang up your first car anyway. And now that I am quite successful, I will live up to my promise. When/if I marry, I won't spoil my children with tens of thousands of dollars and a free $80k cars.

    Sorry for the rant, but this really struck a nerve with me. You'd be amazed at how much money these people waste. :mad:

  19. I love the hypocracy in that one individual can perpetually not only punch below the belt, but grab it and pull. This is OK provided it is aimed at most of us. But to call these comments stupid is breaking the rules.

    And I thought bulliing was over with once you got out of school. Oh well, someone gets the attention they obviously crave and the rest of us are forced to be polite and follow "the rules".

    Love it
  20. Sawman! Glad to see you noticed how I followed YOUR lead!! When I first got on this board I noticed your SIG and how you "in your own way" insulted EVERYONE with a V6!! I figured if its good enough for Sawman its good enough for me!! Didn't you mother tell you about stones and glass houses?? Or like they say in AA KEEP THE FOCUS ON YOURSELF!!!
    Its always a great morning when debates start before 8:00 AM!!