Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. As usual I guess my timing sucks, now that the car looks like something again I'll be down there more often...well as long as I can stand the 50's music. hahaha.
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  2. I love you guys but can we stop clogging the Progress thread with magnum stuff thanks guys
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  3. Door pins got done last night as well as the TRanny mount . I hate door pins just an aggravating job !
  4. That is the only small down side haha
  5. Sorry about that....:)
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  6. AMG as in the Mercedes tuning house? I never knew that was the same part. Makes sense, though, with the Daimler/Chrysler deal.

    Sorry to thread jack, guys. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  7. So intake fell through well because the ear was cracked on the upper and I am piSsed .... so back to gt 40 explorer setup , as soon as I have the time
  8. Great build! love the progress and sorry about the wreck! Now I want to get my Vert running so I can sell it and get a Notch.
  9. Thanks bro !
  10. Ups just keeps. coming , picked up another explorer upper so now I am back on track with the intake swap ImageUploadedByTapatalk1363298395.364426.jpg
  11. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1363390762.729527.jpg Still don't no how I feel about the pins ....
  12. I like them i installed a set on mine last yr...
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  13. I like the microwave :) just saying its pretty sweet
  14. I like my food warm what can I say
  15. Your supposed to work on your car while your in the garage not heating up your lunchables hahaha car looks sweet though man
  16. lunchables pizza ! and thanks man I appreciate it
  17. They're not bad by themselves, but I think they clash with the smoked lights a little.

  18. gonna order the upr black ones to tone it down a bit should help it but doesn't look as bad in person the pic is not the best for them
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  19. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365294870.501389.jpg New WP and swapped the intake on .... I am gonna call this car two times , I have done Everytbing twice ... I have to pull the intake I have a miss somewhere maybe something up with the gasket , I put it together runs great no vac leaks , re dropped the dist in on tdc 3 times and it still is missing bad , firing order is good so idk every once in a blue it pops from the intake gasket .... until Monday ...

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