Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Cool!! I'm just trying to recover from Christmas and get past my anniversary this month then I'll be able to start getting some stuff done. I'm hoping to on the road by April or May.
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  2. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1357775846.116806.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1357775855.666460.jpg

    hehehe more goodies and I am gonna hide the cruise switches some where that were in the old wheel ... nd my friend has a mint center pad for me
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  3. I want one.
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  4. tis one is mint and best of all my friend gave it to me out of his 86 ttop he's doing a full 01 cobra swap dash and all
  5. Update- 440 miles since Sunday morning. Car is running great, put the sway bar back in. Ordered a new tranny mount Friday i should have it Monday because mine was held together by a strand of rubber.
  6. Know what's really cool? Spin that wheel around 180 degrees and it's the biggest, most awesome and happiest smiley face you've ever seen. My 84 SVO was the same way... I loved it.
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  7. THANK GOD THERE IS ANOTHER !!!!! i am not the only one that does this huh
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  8. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1358204185.821961.jpg money shot !
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  9. Didn't your buddy have any used black trees to hang from the column?
  10. pink makes me feel manly duh
  11. that wheel is out of an 86? I hate my factory 89 wheel
  12. SVO like 84-86. Capri 84-86. Escort, EXP ??
  13. Aren't those the momo wheels?
  14. Mine came out of an 86 gt I have seen them in 84-86 svo and alot of 85-86 gts
    But it is a ford wheel to my knowledge
  15. Update, I ordered a black package tray, Grey arm rests, Grey center arm rest, and lower windshield molding by the cowl because the clips on mine are broken.

    I still have to do something for my upper back seat as i have 86 hatch seat. I also need a head liner and seat belts and i am basically ready for the swap. My girl is getting me a mass back carpet for my birthday. As far as dying plastic. I need to dye my red coat hooks, My red sill plates , I also need to do my center console as it is 93 opal grey and all my stuff is 87-89 grey. And clean up my qt plastics and i am ready
  16. Lets update this some , everyone knows I got into the accident - well all said and done i am getting 1712.00 check , gonna realign my bumper and fender and paint the whole car again the same color fix what wasn't done and change some of the trim and gather my carpet and get my interior done ... here's some pics - stay tuned for the next few weeks I will start with the updates ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362436920.101420.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362436931.884875.jpg
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362436943.467786.jpg did what I could to get it opened and aligned without scratching it
    temp marker light until I order another kit to get the matching
  17. Leaking lower intake gasket. Just orderd- Gasket set , Tstat, Water pump, Door pins, and a Typhoon upper and lower intake for 150 bucks, Gonna do all of this and the trans mount before paint.

    Looking to shave the front plate holes as well. Prob unfortunately going to run hood pins as well just because I dont want the cowl to get damaged or hood fly up etc. May also be doing a wheel change up. Should be an interesting spring. Stay tuned !
  18. Bummer about the crash, but it seems like you're making the most of that insurance check!