Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. ajeqa7eh.jpg got the headlights back in as well After I took this one . now time to go to work
  2. bay is done there the battery In it all seems to work as it should nyzaruvu.jpg
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  3. How much longer til the motor is back in?
  4. well that's the next project , pull motor apart and determine it's health . if it will make it until winter the block will get painted , and go together next week and then I just need the oil pan from my buddy , my pushrods and it goes back in
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  5. @84Ttop I can't believe how nice the cyl look amaqy7y4.jpg
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  6. Wow! And the cross hatch still looks good. I say ball hone that sucker rings and bearing and let's rock and roll!
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  7. I think I want to experiment just the way it is I bet it will live
  8. Did you ever check compression before tearing it down?
  9. I would bet it lives too. Did you bother pulling a bearing cap just to see since its out?
  10. negative the pan is still on
  11. no sir
  12. Looks a hundred times better than factory! Keep it going & don't get depressed... Your making progress at a good enough rate! If you need to take a break? Take one IMHO.... ;)
  13. I wouldn't touch that block slap the heads and intake on and BOOST that sucker.....!!!!! Like I told you Jeff my bottom end is stock still I knew a stock block wouldn't live long with a lot of boost but hey my still lives with 14 psi and a TF top end kit...well minus the cam I run the stock cam...I wanted the almost stock drivabilty which it does give me..
  14. oh were moving now I got over the little slump lol .
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  15. Got to thinking . so I orderd 6.700 in pushrods I am gonna double check it but it's the same length anderson sells in there top end kit my heads and Indentical cam .... Annnndd my
    mind got the best of me - main bearings , freeze plugs , rod bearings and rings, slap it all in and go .
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  16. just got off the phone machine shop is gonna puff hone the block and do the cam bearings and freeze plugs
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  17. dadu8ena.jpg

    Made some progress before work today . Got the headlight ballasts in and hidden now so you don't see them when the hood is open and also got the battery clean and in the tray . then went to work on the motor . marked all the pistons and started disassembling . Tomorrow I plan on actually getting it all apart .
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  18. confirmed the block to be dropped off tomorrow .do all the block work and check. the crank and polish . WOOO hoo were making moves here one day this thing may actually not be a flower pot
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