Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Crank and block are at machine shop . it's getting cam bearings , screw in freeze plugs . ball hone , cleAn block , mic and polish the crank 220 bucks
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  2. Not a bad price
  3. Friend rents a shop with the machinist so I am sure that was factored in there . but I am happy
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  4. Can't go a day without and update ! got the superchager and ac bracket back ! upera9yh.jpg a9ava4u7.jpg and the flat bracket is still wrapped up they look beautiful ebe4atyj.jpg
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  5. Powder coated?......
  6. Yes sir
  7. Gloss or is that satin I can't tell the pictures a little shaky lol
  8. yeah I noticed that woops . qerejytu.jpg it's gloss. @MikeH686
  9. Nice look at my thread just posted my valve covers satin black @TOOLOW91
  10. So today more money spent yawwwnnnnn. My buddy who is helping assemble the motor is super strict with his clearances so i just ordered .001 over bearings for the mains and rods as well so whatever gets us closest to the best clearance will be used this way we can make certain we have awesome oil pressure.
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  11. Mmmmm lube
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  12. Hey Jeff when your car is all done you gotta let me know when your going to we can run together...
  13. What am I, minced meat??? I want to go racing too!
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  14. Minced Meat pie?
  15. F you guys F you guys sucks I can't drive alllllll the wayyyyyy uppppp thereeee to hang out with y'all :(
  16. We still meeting in chi town?
  17. But you can come to Mason Dixon Dragway.
  18. Where's that?????