Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Belts all in and back on , cleaned up the bay , adjusted the right side tail pipe so it isn't rattling any more . Caliper will be in tomorrow so I'll have that done in the morning and clean this thing up and we should be ready to roll
  2. Ive been reading this thread over the past few days and you have officially re inspired me to get my car back in road worthy condition. Ive been chasing a bad high rpm misfire issue for weeks now and finally dropped it off at a shop to check it out. When I get it back im finally going to get to work. I love th3 way your car came together.
  3. lol, you've inspired me to think about working on my car :eek: Was just about to hit the garage after not working on it for about 10 days but my 5 y/o son wants to watch Need for Speed. Precious time with him, tomorrow will be Mustang time.
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  4. Thank you so much . Good luck with your build !
  5. That's what I like to hear !
  6. Got it all buttoned up and cleaned this morning . Can't wait to cruise out tomorrow to maple grove tomorrow
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  7. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1408203701.796424.jpg

    115 miles here
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  8. Always looking good!

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  9. hey, look, new'ish blue Mustang with a matching little toy under the hood, meh.

    :jaw:Holy F'ing shiiatt, check out the clean Fox! :hail:
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  10. lol were you there yesterday ? that's my buddy mikes car next to me lol
  11. With all due respect, you'll never find me at a car show. However I do appreciate all the work that goes into them unless they're trailer queens. I do however, after watching Need for Speed 3 times with my son this weekend, have a new found respect for the newer Mustang 5.0. I have some major WOOD for that Shelby and the new red 5.0 that was at the end of the movie. I'm not a fan of payments so I'm on the sidelines cheering for other suckers. Hopefully those suckers treat them well, keep maintenance up and low miles on the clock so I can buy it for $.50 on the dollar a few years from now :cool:
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  12. Oh I am with you after seeing some of them yesterday id like to get one one day . my buddy mikes and Vic's who were with me opposite scheme are both worked 11s Mikes blue car makes 720 at the tire with a TVS blower swap long tubes and other stuff and Vic's makes 661 at the tire with a TVS as well ImageUploadedByTapatalk1408319294.326791.jpg
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  13. So I guess swapping motor mounts out and jacking the motor up and down shifted the discharge pipe , well scary :poo: when you put it in boost and the pipe pops off and the car loads up and dies and all you see is smoke . thought I popped the motor . LOL Silly boost noob I guess
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  14. How does the car feel with the new motor mounts?
  15. Rubber mounts sucked went right back to the poly
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  16. Well ok then. Guess it was worth a try though. So is the car at an acceptable place now vibration wise?
  17. Not where id like it but I am using it . the poly TRANS mount will be here Monday well see if that cures some of it too
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  18. You may get a lot more vibration with all poly mounts vs. keeping the trans mount rubber.
  19. that's what I thought with the motor mounts and I went to rubber on those and it was worse . I'll try the TRANS mount who nos . I'm getting ready to just pull the motor I think