Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. i think we all have faith in your abilities by now judging from your past and present work, but couldn't you splice and weld in an entire front clip from the firewall forward from a donor car? bare in mind i'm no fabricator so i could be waaaay off target here (don't massacre me :D)
  2. Thats the first thing I thought of too. Need the donor car though, tuff to find one not rusted out around here.
  3. yeah, i hear that... the northeast is a ****, ain't it? i guess if you find a 4 eyed fox with a clean front clip, chances are the whole thing is clean, then you have a double edged sword of hacking up a clean car :shrug: i'm sure you'll figure it out and be winning trophies in no time haha
  4. Thanks, I hope so that's the goal.
  5. It you have the ability to get here to New Jersey, i know someone in Jackson with a whole bunch of fox's you could pull parts from.

    C.H. Auto's Mustang Parts

    Look at my photobucket folder. I build the majority of my project using parts from them. I took pics the last few times i went of the place. I was there every single weekend for 2 months straight!

    stangnet pictures by javignone - Photobucket
  6. Wow, thats quite the job you have ahead of you... good luck with it, it should be badass when complete!
  7. think i might have one to combat yours? haha. its coming along great. keep up the good work. 4 eye notches rule

  8. I think your right that might be a tie. Pretty nasty:lol: Good luck. Stodard solvent. yea.
  9. Looks like you got your work cut out for you Terry. I'm sure you'll do it justice though.
  10. This is true. I would be so much farther if I didn't have to deal with all the rust repair,shoot, I could have the whole engine bay smoothed by now.:lol:
  11. More bad news, the car was literally going to fall apart...

    The other side was almost as bad, here is the repair on the passenger side

    The radiator support was so bad I decided to got this way.

    This may require a peice from a donor car

    . feb28005.jpg
  12. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  13. what's worse is the fact that we were driving the car all summer. And to think about that k-member falling down and running over the thing is definately a YIKES!

    Here is the repair
    Just have to box it in.

    Also got the inside washed and seams primed, gonna hit it with seam sealer today then paint.
  14. HOLY CRAP!!!

    It scares me to know we ripped around in this car some!!! Haha!

    Good to see you guys saving it and not just tossing it away!
  15. Yea, Brian, I think we were all pretty lucky, could not believe it when I saw that spot where the k-member bolts to. Really don't know how it was holding on, especially with all that horsepower :lol:
  16. Car is sold as-is as-is as-is!!!!! :D

    Holy crap, I can't believe it was that bad. very scary knowing we cruised around in that thing.

    I cant wait to see the thing finsihed terry, you are doing a great job and the reward will pay for itself in the end!
  17. Joe, my friend,
    We pretty much knew what we were in for, a little more than we hoped for, but yes, in the end it will be worth it. We dreamed about doing a foureyed t-top coupe for years, and so we will.
  18. Man I'm really loving this thread. You are sure doing some awesome work here. Please keep providing the pics! You should have this build put in a 5.0 magazine!:nice:
  19. Yeah, I know Joe didn't know it was that bad, and he wanted to build that car himself. Hell I wanted to build it myself!

    Keep the posts going.

  20. exactly, I had NO IDEA it was that bad. Wow. i thought it needed a little work to the floor boards and rear quarters. jeez. i see it now, me going to say hi to terry and him punchin me in the mouth:)