Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. Just ordered the ACT sensor that we threw out by accident. Also ordered the stud kit for the throttle body and the 1/2 to 3/8 reducer so we can mount the ECT sensor right in the lower. Hopefully this is the last snag and startup will be next weekend.
  2. No work on the car today due to needing more parts and Father's Day. We have something exciting coming soon. Need to sell the 94-95 Throttle body, FRPP Adapter and Pro-M 90MM Maf from a Lightning. We already have the polished 70MM TB and spacer. We are using the stock MAF to get it running, hope to score a 77MM or 80MM. If anyone has one of these let me know. The 90MM meter is not plug and play.
  3. After all this motor work is done and the bugs are sorted we will be installing suspension. Every bushing is destroyed on the car. Passenger motor mount looks to melted. Rog already has purchased new Energy motor mounts and tranny mount, they are here ready to go.

    Here is the list of suspension we are doing:
    UPR Upper Chromoly adjustable Control Arms
    UPR Lower Chromol adjustable Control Arms
    UPR Sub Frame Connectors (car extremely loose)
    UPR Caster / Camber Plates (need adjustability)
    UPR Clutch Quadrant (stock no adjustability)
    Energy Front Sway Bar Bushings (stock is torn)
    Energy End Link Bushings (stock collapsed)
    FRPP 5300-C Springs (drop front .875", rear .50")
    Struts and Shocks undecided, possibly stock replacement
    Tie Rod End Bushings are destroyed, stock replacement

    End link bushings collapsed.
  4. you have a PM on the 94-95 t-body...
  5. So I just got notification that the ACT sensor and T/B EGR stud kit shipped. If the 1/2 - 3/8 adapter for the ECT ships then it is looking very good that we will crank her over this Saturday. I have my fingers crossed.
  6. Anyone seen this MAF before? We were thinking its a Lightning 90MM but it seems larger and looks different than a Lightning MAF. It has a 4 prong set up unlike the later Lightning's 6 prong. Looks like it would make serious power but not having the priameters could be difficult to tune with a twEECer.



  7. Figured out the MAF situation. Its a 2002 Lightning 90MM. The Ford Part Number on the Electronics and Google solved the mystery.

    Getting new front tires installed today. We are getting really close.

  8. Thats the truth. I got notification last night that the fitting we needed from McMaster shipped Monday. We should be starting her for the first time in a month this weekend.
  9. awesome build.... why not put that slick back on there? lol
  10. Would be a good idea but those are the 205 fronts and it would look weird putting the 255's up front.

    More accomplished last night (not much) but ran into a problem. We have two problems to solve before starting this thing.
  11. Got a few things done today but the car keeps fighting back.

    Rog is working on replacing the steering shaft right now. Stock sway bar end links bushings were trashed and the both bars bent. New Energy ends took care of that.

    We also go the new tires put on the front Welds.

    Motor is almost complete. We have wiring to do, changed the oil, tap the timing cover to oil pan bolt (stripped, don't ask) and few small things.



  12. If you are also tuning this car, i worked out all the bugs with a maf transfer for that lmaf
  13. Plans have changed. You will see in a few days.
  14. Cute pic with the kid on his laptop, was he helping tune the car? lol
  15. His tune net more power than ours. Going to take him to see Cars 2 today.

    No worky on the car today. We have some parts that didn't make it for this weekend. Plus we still have two issues yet to be sorted. I'd say next Sunday it might even run. Well enough to turn the car around in the garage so we can upgrade the fuel pump (not looking forward to that).

    This car being almost 20 years ago has fought us on every nut and bolt. It looks like we will be changing just about everything we can when all said and done.
  16. That would help us a great deal. Considering how much the car is fighting us right now, the more things we can make easy, the better.
  17. UPDATE ALERT UPDATE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  18. Ohhhhh noes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. that sure is purdddy!
  20. You planning on doing some of this: