11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. trans parts are cleaned up for the most part... these were pretty nasty before cleaning!
  2. for those curious why im still not done...

    wife had other plans for me



    should have the tub finished today... then i can grout it and the wife can start painting and i can finish this damn bathroom! and get back to the important stuff!
  3. Just finished mine. Didn't replace the tub and am regretting it. Looks great though!
  4. our old one was cast iron and this new one is cast iron... im glad i pulled it out since the subfloor was pretty bad off. and needed replaced. but my back still thinks it sucked... both tubs were over 300lbs
  5. Looks great! You'll be really happy with it when you're done. House upgrades are fun.
  6. thanks man... i keep telling myself that and looking back at the pictures of our kitchen when we did that
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  7. Oh yea man, that kitchen looks great. Good work!

    Reminds me, I need to do the finishing touches on some french doors I installed in my house... Not that the wife hasn't been reminding me haha.
  8. dropping the trans off to be gone over today to fix any little issues
  9. well little issues arent something i got...

    input shaft

    counter shaft

    3rd gear
  10. That's over $500 in parts.....

    I have a good t5 we just rebuilt in dads 93 cobra I know we want to get rid of since I just got him a TKO 600 setup. I'll see if he's ready

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  11. thanks man! i really didnt want to hear that price.... im going to talk with him to see how long it will hold together how it is now. nothing was scored or anything like that just sharp edges on the teeth on input and counter shaft
  12. Someone ridden that thing hard and put it away wet
  13. id never do such a thing...

    it was put away pretty dry... it was leaking which caused all this
  14. Yeah same here I'm just gonna run mine until I save for a 5 or 600
  15. guess im down till next year... 875 in parts alone to fix mine.

  16. Whaaaat??? Can't you just pick up a used t5 and beat on it while you save for something better?
  17. Throw it back together and run it! My t5z had so much play in the input and gears it was ridiculous. Whined like crazy, but was still driving fine when it came out. I held on to it for a backup.
    Just start saving for a new trans.

  18. im looking for another one right now but something else was ordered the other day that a T5 wont like
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  19. Do I hear "turbo"? FTW
  20. No... Got to much gear for a turbon