11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. That WOT switch is cool as hell, can't wait for the nitrous.
  2. Trans and nitrous kit are both on the way home! Should have the car out on motor in a week or 2
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  3. Bottle mount
    Started on the mock up. Really can't go to far with this till I get the purge solenoid
    Working on bottle placement still. Think I'm going to make a seat bracket that bolts in place of the passenger seat and put the bottle there
  4. Sorry I missed you yesterday homie..

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  5. Not a problem man... I'm sure ill meet up with you at the next one
  6. I was wheeling and dealing a coupe interior lol

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  7. Is that a homemade bottle bracket? Kinda neat.

  8. Not sure... It's the old one out of the race car. I'm not a fan of the standard mount.
  9. just finished talking with one of the electrical engineers i work with about how to wire up everything. im going to start it tonight

    as i go along i will take pictures and show whats connected to what so if some one likes the set up they can copy it.

    how its going to work. when i stage the car i push in the clutch and the brake. hold the brake down. hit the button on my shifter which will turn on my line lock and my 2 step and will be held with the clutch till. (shifter button wont need to be held) the nitrous will be off. once the clutch is all the way out the nitrous will come on. as long as im between 3500-5700 rpm and at WOT.
  10. Sounds like a really cool set up
  11. You gonna invest in a kirkey seat? Something to hold you during take off!
  12. Maybe... Gotta see how much moneys left over after all this. Buying another trans wasn't planned. But def need some type of different seat
  13. True my buddy has a kirkey seat in his 89 gt even though he's bigger then me I could tell that seat just holds you tight which is nice.
  14. You run that car without an IAC? How does it idle?
  15. not to bad... kinda like driving a carb when its cold but once it warms up its not bad. it had an issue when it got warm when id come to a stop the idle would hang around 2K till i revved on it real quick.
  16. For what its worth.....I tune and delete them all the time on more racy setups

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  17. only reason i havent picked up a PMS or any tuner is i have a feeling the fuel injection wont be around long after this season.
  18. null_zps72a0bede.jpg

    Was going to clean up the case but I didn't have any brake clean left and I'm sure it's going to be coming out soon. Wanted to take it out for a test spin but I seem to have missed placed the shifter bushing
  19. DIS MUTHA**** IS LOUD! Like no longer can street drive it loud