Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. I plan on it I just need to get it to where I can tune this thing
  2. was just a small kick in and right off the pedal the boost table is set for 20psi and 1 deg per one pound of boost . from whatever the timing table is . base is 10 .
  3. I did car won't idle like that it surges bad .
  4. Weird...maybe its due to something with the MAF mine is a blow thru yours a draw Thru?...maybe that has something to do with it...
  5. Not weird at all. You can TUNE out the surging idle but that is not the correct way to solve the problem IMHO.
  6. I concur like I said my best bet is gonna be the whole catch can deal
  7. Agreed. Reducing unmetered air to a bare minimum with Ford electronics, is how it was designed to operate.
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  8. At the time I had a closed system with a pcv. but I kept blowing the PCV out so I then made an open breather set up Never changed my tune car ran the same...I put a breather on where the PCV goes a breather on my Pass valve cover had it this way for 3 yrs...NO issues except oil in the engine bay...that's why im going to install a catch can system once I get a set of Nicks Valve covers...LOL so I can complete my job....

  9. You could easily open up an additional vac source into the pass side valve cover. You'd split PCV lines into these two vac sources. The problem has always been that the PCV port on Windsors is way too small.

    Create another PCV and have them share the load. This maintains a closed system and you still get all the air volume needed by a boosted app.

    ...and no oil under the hood.
  10. Just wanted to make an additional point to this part specifically. The factory EEC has a modest amount of ability to compensate for a lot of things. Changes in fuel curve vs. air meter readings, is one of those things.

    Keep in mind though, that if you've changed your metered air characteristics and the EEC has adjusted itself to compensate, you have official utilized a good percentage of its ability to adjust.

    This in itself leads us to threads like (and these are some of my favorites):

    All I did was A, now B is happening. When I undid B, I got C. WTF???

    This is why I try and push all of those checklists that @jrichker puts out. A problem can be the culmination of many different things before symptoms can appear.

    On that same note, maybe the next small adjustment in metered air is made for some reason. If we've already burned through 90% of the EEC's ability to adjust, what are we left with?

  11. How would you create another PCV?
  12. @MikeH686 i just orderd everything the only thing i deviated from was i orderd 2 3/8npt - 10an adapters and bought the moroso can already fabbed up . Are you running an intake spacer ? and what size freeze out plug do i need to plug the pcv?
  13. @84Ttop whats up with the valve covers buddy? how do we get the ball rolling on them ?
  14. I should be able to get to yours and @MY 85 GT s valve covers in the next week or so. I'm putting my car back together tomorrow and the GTO is out of my garage as well. I'll inbox both of you guys in the next few days
  15. Me needs to pay pal you some moneys though no ?
  16. @MikeH686 I have a super dumb question i think i **** up LMAO. There is a baffle that goes under the lower where the pcv is right it comes in the box .Realizing it now that thats what it is for- I am a dope and did not put it on and that is why ill bet the oil coming up is so much worse then it should be.

  17. Let me start with this:
    There's really no right or wrong with choosing PCV or vented. What is really the most important is that they don't get mixed. You have either a closed PCV system or the PCV is removed and you're running breathers.... Not both.

    The baffles:

    The reason that they exist is because of the previously mentioned tiny PCV vac source. That small opening makes all the air going through it twice as fast as it would if there were two (or one twice the size). The object of the second PCV is not to create more "suck"... It's there to increase air volume, and reduce the air velocity by half.

    Slower air pics up considerably fewer oil droplets that are suspended in crank case air. Those particulates are allowed to fall instead of being rushed through the PCV opening.

    So they baffled it! Easy fix, right?

    I don't run the baffle in my valve cover either. I run two PCV lines with a small separator on each. I can't recall the last time I had to empty that thing.
  18. I have the seperator waiting to go in until I completely eliminate and vent it . and the baffle I am referring is the one that goes under the manifold my valve cover has it but I have that like capped from the tb to the valve cover not to pressurize the crank case .