New Shop Project Track Car (progress Thread)

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  1. It's funny how you don't think you'll miss the military, but do. I've been out 15 years and still miss my old job.
  2. I have missed it since the day I came off active duty. I listened to my ex wife and got out then, 2 weeks later we split up. It took me 3 years to get back in but, in the reserves. I took what I could get. I can't take dealing with civilians any more. To try and better my chances I am applying for AGR, recruiter, drill sergeant, OCS and back to active duty. Lol, With all those packets out there, something's gotta happen. I have a very understanding wife now who has even commented that I am in better spirits when I am doing "Army stuff" as she calls it.
  3. Last update on the car. Sold it to a couple weeks ago to a guy down south of Miami. Don't know how hear heard of the car, don't know where he heard it was for sale but, the dude showed up at the shop with CASH. I can't complain. I broke even on it, which is hard to do on a car like that that you are not being payed to build for someone else. What's weird is that I don't really miss it. Used the money to get some much needed stuff for the house and my kids and put the rest in savings. I thought I would but, I didn't have the "emotional" attachment to that car like I do my 04 or 65. Anyways, guess I just need to wait and hear back on the Army stuff now and look for another project to do.
  4. Funny story. I bought my SN95 off that guy. He took that money (plus some, I'd imagine) and bought your car. He texted me some pictures of the fox he picked up and I recognized it as your car. Small world I guess
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  5. Yeah, he is doing a 4V turbo set up in it and painting it red. he sends me pics from time to time. I think once this Army stuff gets settled on, I am going to resto mod my 65. I have had that car since I was 15 and I have a very strong attachment to that car. The 85 I as building was just for advertising for the shop so, it was pretty easy to et that one go.