New Shop Project Track Car (progress Thread)

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  1. I've been following this on Full Moon's FB page. It's looking good!
  2. Go to my shop Facebook page and you can see it starting from sitting in the parking lot. The address is in my signature.
  3. Going with mostly a matte black finish on the inside. Should be easy on the eyes and reduce glare and not be as hot here in the FL sunshine.

    Frame rail filled in where it was notched for the mini tubs.

    Cover for the top of the firewall
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  4. Painted the interior, ordered the steering wheel disconnect hub, got one of the doors done. Well, everything but paint and adding the side mirror deletes. Just need to paint the wheel wells and the underside and I should be ready for the next part.

    I had carbon fiber doors and fenders but, the more I looked at them, the more work they were going to take. That, and quite frankly, I don't trust anyone around my :poo:. I know they'd be broken within 2 weeks. I sold them with the matching fenders.

    Not going to be able to work on it for a few weeks because I have to go do some training for the Army but, I know I'll be itching to get back on it when I get back.

    Like I said, I went with a matte black to be easy on the eyes while I was in there.

    New dash


    Finished doors with lexan windows. I just need a grommet to fill where the window crank was since I decided to gut the doors and the small side mirror delete plate for the outside. Then, paint last, of course.




    What I used to cut the lexan.

  5. That car should be light!
  6. Sorry it has been a while. Spent a month or so doing some Army training out of state and have been taking care of a few other things. So, back to work on the car. The plan of attack is: body work, brake lines, wiring.

    I did FINALLY decide on a power combo. Also, I checked on the rear end to see what gears were in it and luckily they were 3.73's so, they should go well with my carbed, stroked and turbo'd 351W.

    The doors are going to have to be taken down to bare metal bc the douche canoe that had them before me painted them with that truck bed liner paint. Oh well. cant beat $50 for a pair of rust free 89 Fox doors. I just need to add some sort of handle to the insides so that I can close them if I am at the track alone or, my help isn't close by.




    Yes, I know I am missing 2 bolts on the hinges. My guys at work somehow lost a crap ton of my factory fasteners.

    Starting to hang the door



    Aligning the door
    Checking the door gap

    I have a set of 87-93 1/4 windows to go behind the doors
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  7. Should this be moved to the 5.0 side of the house since I am going Windsor based SBF now instead of a 4.6? Also, some more pics of the body work to follow soon.
  8. Took all day today doing the engine bay. All I have left to do is remove the C/C plates (I am still going to paint them to match the engine comapartment), k member and struts so I can finish it off. Not bad, if I do say so myself for tin snips, old sheet metal laying around and rattle can primer. Any suggestions on the color of the engine compartment? I was thinking either a semi gloss back or grey. The exterior color is still TBD.

    Final product after all day sanding, trimming, cutting, drilling and hand riveting. I really need an pneumatic rivet gun. I stopped the 2 bars coming out of the firewall and had them welded directly to the strut towers. The other end of the bars are welded to the cross bar behind the dash. I figured (and the chassis guy) would experiment with this set up. If you notice, there are tabs at the ends of the bars, those are for a strut tower brace that we will fabricate up after the motor/turbo are in rather than running the bars all the way to the front frame rails. I will be needing that space anyways.
  9. Why no fill in all those ugly holes on the strut towers and the inner fender panels while you've got it torn down this far? Now would be the time. And I do hope you plan on doing some wire hiding as well?
  10. Looks clean man. That's a lot of work!
  11. I have something planned for both of what you just said.:nice:
  12. Thanks Sharad!
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  13. Great looking build. :nice:
  14. Man, that thing is going to be nasty!
  15. Well, between Army, kids, family and pulling extra weight at work from cutting everyone elses' hours (holiday season is nice and slow), I am exhausted. None the less, I am trying to find time. Sometimes it comes in 30 minute spurts or I can sneak a few hours in. Anyways, the body work is taking me forever! Got some new weather strip in and "restored" the sun roof. I was able to salvage the old hardware (LMRS wants a fortune for that crap). All I have left to do is get the old tint off and I am just going to replace it with black vinyl.

    New window channel, hatch and sun roof weatherstrip courtesy of LMRS

    Hatch weatherstrip

    Old sunroof

    Old retaining clip. The other one was rusted off completely

    Yes, that is the old weatherstrip

    Old weatherstrip again

    Old hardware

    Cleaning up the old hardware

    Freshly painted

    Cleaning out the passenger door (I have the drivers door to re do)

    Body side of the sun roof

    Like a glove!

    New sun roof weatherstrip

    So much cleaner

    Painted and cleaned

    Test fitting the new stuff

    New window channel weatherstrip

    No more cracks!

    No more wind noise! Now, to do the other door...

    Now, to get that stupid ass truck bed liner paint off the doors

    New tool of choice for sheet metal and lexan. I probably paid too much, but hot damn! This thing is f'n sweet! Gear driven and variable speed. Mmm!

    New sunroof retaining clip. Thank God the plastic did not break!

    Now, to work on the old tint

    Final product. Back to more body work!
  17. I hope its at least in one piece. You're not going to get anything for it if it still looks the way it did in December?
  18. Check the ad in the classified section for full details. I just got tired of being a civilian all the time and the Reserves wasn't cutting it for me any more so, back to active duty like the old
  19. We all have a huge debt of gratitude to you for your service. Be safe. :flag: