New Shop Project Track Car (progress Thread)

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  1. Excellent use of UPR Products! Let us know if you need any help with it.
  2. I have been getting a lot of great help from you guys. I am set up as a dealer for you guys now through my shop. :nice:
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  3. Excellent!
  4. Update: just got the manual brake conversion in. Going to order a line loc this week and I will be 100% done with the front end. Mon or Tues I will get working on that T BIRD motortranny swap so that I can get going on the tear down of the rest of the race car.
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  5. Update: Did not order the line loc. I ordered the UPR pro series chrome moly rear suspension kit and upper/lower torque boxes and a safety loop for the drivesahft.
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  6. Another update:
    Went to the swap meet this weekend and bought a rear end. 8.8 with full spool, 4.10's (going to swap them out to 3.55 because of the spray), 31 or 35 spline axles (will confirm when I replace the gears), ARP wheel studs, Aerospace Engineering brakes with stainless brake lines, welded axle tubes, c clip eliminators, rear end cover with brace and spherical housing bushings.

    I almost feel guilty for what I payed for it :D
  7. Do the 5.4 heads bolt directly to the block? Any timing cover mods you have to do to install them?

    Ive been thinking about that swap but i dont know the advantage of doing it.

    Awesome work though! Anxious to see some pics
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  8. Everything should bolt up just fine.
  9. +1 lets see some pics!
  10. Got the rear kit in the mail today. As soon as I get this flywheel done on this land yacht (76 Malibu Classic), I will pull it in and start the tear down and posting of the pics.
  11. Hopefully that car doesnt crash when the UPR parts fail lol
  12. WTF is wrong with you... I have UPR parts on my car going on 3 years and 20,000 miles now. Also have trapped over 123 in the 1/4 on them.
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  13. Exwife has $5000 worth of UPR parts on her car now for the past 5 years and not one issue. I stand behind their product 110% Not because I am a dealer for them but, because I have been using their stuff for the past 7 years and have had not one issue.
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  14. Update: got the car into the shop today and finally started on the tear down. We need a name for the car. Any ideas will be considered. So, without further delay, here is the result of today's work. started at about 0830 and we closed at 1600. I cracked my first beer at 1601 and was done for the day.








  15. UPR sells cheap chinese parts and does not stand by their products. I have had several parts fail on me, even brand new parts.

  16. Day 2 after the tear down. Today, I broke out the heat gun and started scrapping off what was left of the insulation/sound deadener off of the floor. Going to do the mini tubs, rear coil over and rear sway bar next.




  17. I have full UPR suspension in my car and i dont have one complaint! They were also very helpful to talk to while ordereing all my parts. I dont see any reason to bash them for great products!
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  18. I would not use that intake mani, use a pi at least. Reasoning? well the pi style intakes do not dispurse the nitrous very well and the fuel puddles over a 150 shot, if you run the plastic intake and it backfires you will only be out a manifold. The metal intakes turn into grenades at a 200 shot. Had a buddy literally blow the hood off his car. I would sell the typhoon and get a vic jr. I had no puddling issues at a 175 shot with my vic jr, plus you get much better atomization.

    not saying it cant be done with the typhoon, just saying. I dont like to see fellow mustang guys put in so much work just to catch the car on fire lol. Just going off experience.
  19. My suggestion for the name is SVOHHHHH Face.
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