New Shop Project Track Car (progress Thread)

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  1. That's not what Brian Mitchell said when he wrapped up his FIFTH NMRA Renegade Championship earlier this month, all on box stock UPR Products suspension.


    Also, UPR Products are all Made in America and they carry a Lifetime Guarantee.

    ^^I love it! I was thinking SVOHMY
  2. Says the guy who's never owned a UPR product. :rolleyes:

    Careful with the inflamatory remarks and stay on topic fella's. If this thread turns into another pissing contest, it will be shut down and the offenders will be dealt with!!!
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  3. Just delete the crap, and keep a good thread going.
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  4. I have owned UPR crap, and it Failed so I threw it in the Trash and Bought Maximum Motorsports.

    UPR is just scary. They never stood buy their product even though it failed after 1 hour of use.

    Just warning people cause buying cheap chinese parts can put lives at stake.
  5. just saying....

  6. ^^this post is not even credible. You bought UPR parts, they failed within one hour, so you threw them away and bought MM? And you're warning against cheap chinese parts?

    First, I doubt you bought UPR parts and they failed in one hour. Second, if that did happen, we would've replaced them immediately, as all UPR Products carry a Lifetime Guarantee. Third, UPR Products are made right here in South Florida.

    Gearbanger 101- please feel free to delete this post after you delete SRT's posts. And thank you in advance for cleaning up the nonsense.
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  7. Back to the original post...I ordered the TeamZ mini tub and rear coil over mounting kit today. Once I get some rear coil overs then, I will start posting up pics of the parts and installation of the parts. Secondly, I got a heat gun and started scraping out the sound deadening material that was stuck the floor and firewall. I am figuring on at least 10 lbs worth of weight saved on that.
  8. Thought about trying the dry ice method?
  9. Hmmm...never heard of it. I have always just used a heat gun and a couple of scrapers.
  10. Scored a set of carbon fiber fenders, doors, and hatch this weekend at the swap meet for a killer deal. The hatch already has a lexan window but, I think i am going to re do it since the one in there is pretty scratched up. the doors are bad ass and have aluminum hinges and manual regulator with glass. I might swap the windows out to lexan as well.

    Called in a favor and got a sheet of 1/8 lexan for the front windshield and a 4x10 sheet of aluminum to start on the interior parts as well.
  11. (best Peter Griffin voice) you you? :chin
  12. Subscribing to this thread, cant wait to see this car all fixed up.
  13. Had some extra help at work finally. I have been down a guy for a couple of months (good help is hard to find). I ordered the 12pt cage from Jegs this weekend and am taking the car to my friends race shop where we will weld everything in. In the mean time, today, I cut out the rear floor area to make way for the coil over cross member and anti roll bar cross member. Lastly, I patched a part of the roof that had some rot on it. I'll finish up that when I am doing the final body work. Aaaaand, I took the bump on the drivers side windshield wiper arm, cut it off, filled and soothed it to give the cowl a nice clean flat look all the way across.





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  14. Few more pics from a few minutes of work today. Just need to finish doing the trim work and frame notching for the mini tubs.







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  15. Got bored after dinner so, went back to the shop.






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  16. Started doing the rough cuts for the mini tubs. I'll go through and clean everything up once I check the fitment of the mini tubs and rear axles. All I can say about mini tubs is, what a PITA! oh well, it will be worth it.





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  17. damn, this is "On" like "donkey kong"