New Shop Project Track Car (progress Thread)

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  1. It's coming along!
  2. Starting to test fit the suspension and prep everything for the welding and roll cage.



    Waiting on the tie rod ends and the front struts. Using some old factory ones I had laying around.

    4.6 K member and Fox control arms.

    Flaming River manual steering rack. I have the steering shaft, just haven't gotten that far yet.



    Working on the rear coil overs.


    Fender rolling like a boss...

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  3. Looking good!!
  4. Update with pics to follow:

    Sorry it has been a while but, with the new baby, lots of Army training lately and, being slow at work. I have been cutting hours ect and working extra around the shop so, haven't had a whole lot of time. I have started on the through the floor sub frame connectors and the plan for the motor has changed to built 2v 4.6 with a turbo and a built 4r75w tranny. I will be posting a few pics when I get the camera from work later today.

    The big news is that I might have a possible sponsor so, that will be a huge amount of weight off my shoulders and I can get the car done and built. The plan is to run the full NMRA season next year, hit all the local tracks here in central FL (Orlando, Lakeland, Bradenton, Morosso) and cherry pick a few bigger races around the southeast. That is, if all goes as planned.
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  5. Ok, so, sponsor fell through. Took a little financial hit on that one. Oh well, Lesson learned, I guess. Anyways, Here are some more pics as promised. Monday morning the car is going to Full Moon Race Cars in Brookesville, FL for the chassis work. I will have pics of that as I they go along or when I get the car back.








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  6. Off to the chassis shop today for: 12pt cage, funny car cage, window net, through floor SFC, mini tubs, rear anti roll bar, rear end brace, rear coil overs.

  7. Oh, and ONCE AGAIN, motor combo has changed. Guess I am going it alone since I can't get any one of these "sponsors" that want to help out won't commit to a contract. So, I am just going to wait until I get to that point where I need a motor and decide what I want to do then.
  8. Finally in the chassis shop. The chassis next to my car is a Pro Mod '57 Chevy.

  9. This guy is amazing!

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  10. How tight did he keep it with the a pillars and roof?
  11. This is the only pic I have right now showing what you want.


    Here is another inside shot:


    I will have more pics as they come and when I get the car back then, I will take some more detailed ones with a good camera.
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  12. More from today.

  13. Got a little more done yesterday:


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  14. He definitely gets work done really quickly. That's rare in his profession.

    It's interesting that he put the main hoop in the back seat. Also interesting that he raised the floor.
  15. He loves what he does. He is like me, his background is circle track and has wandered into the 1/4 stuff. Well, that and when it's time to work, it's time to work. Lol
  16. This guy is good. Real good. This is just from today!!! If any one in Central FL needs any work, this is where I am sending everyone.

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  17. Working on the interior

  18. To answer your question about the main hoop: I originally ordered the Jeg's 12pt cage and it was kinda cheesy. He used as much of it as he could and added his own stuff to it. He likes putting the main hoop where he does because it gives a cleaner look by following up the B pillar.

    To answer your question about the floor: We aren't really raising the floor that much per say. We are just laying down a sheet right over the SFC to again, give a cleaner look. So, really, if it does raise it, its only by 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch. All of the interior pieces will be riveted is so that I can remove/replace them easily when I need to.

    Lastly, I am going with a small front mounted fuel cell and and going to mount the battery box under the trunk floor along the inside of the passenger frame rail. That way it looks nice and clean and there is no need for a rear bulkhead.
  19. Checking the seat, put the steering column back in, and new auto pedals.


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  20. Should have the car back by Monday night. Then, gotta run brake lines, wire the car, save for an engine and transmission.


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