1968 DOHC 4.6 Coupe Project

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  1. Super impressive work - keep the updates coming!
  2. Thanks, you gave me a lot of bad ideas that I neither have the time or money for:nono:. Looks amazing:nice:
  3. I thought I would take a picture outside before we tape the body and spray SPI bedliner on the floor and inside the trunk.

  4. Rusty,

    I can't wait to see this coupe.
    I used to think my 65 was way better than any 68 till I saw this one. now I know what they can really look like, thanks!!
  5. Love the shaved cowl....my 67 is hopefully getting some paint this weekend as well, it has some of the features of your 68 there, except for that bad-ass suspension you got, and those other subtle tricks you did to the car. The shaved drip rails are slick too. I caught hell for shaving my cowl, but screw-em
  6. Brian taped off the complete car than sprayed a coat of epoxy than SPI bedliner on the trunk floor and interior floor.



  7. Lining up the sheetmetal




  8. It looks orange but it is bright red




  9. It looks orange but it is bright red




  10. wow, Rusty it's looking really sharp!!!! can't wait until you get it all done I'm interested to hear how you like that R&C rear 4 link in the car.
  11. can't wait to see it all red! Awesome work
  12. Sorry for the double post I kept on waiting and nothing happened so I tried again.
  13. The car & gaps look awesome. Its going to be a sweet ride for sure. What engine & drivetrain is he going with? Also , have you decided on the engine management? Beautiful car, keep up the good work.
  14. Still not sure on what engine I will be using. We still have a lot of work before I start installing an engine.
  15. Rusty,
    I suggest an FE For Thee!:D Aluminum block and heads. Big inches + light weight = SCREAMIN'
    My $.02 & Your Big $$$$,:nice:
  16. I say paint the roof red to match the hood and deck lid, leave the flat black and go with it...the black and red looks awesome!

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  17. Nugget68 might be onto something!
  18. Brian said if I painted the roof red it would match the new Boss 302. I know one thing it attracts a lot of attention at shows.
  19. Saturday we went to the Mustang Club of Tampa's 30th annual car show. When we left the shop at 6:30 it was raining and finally stopped around 10:30. At first it looked like we would have a bad turn out but I was surprised when the weather cleared the cars kept rolling in.


  20. I plan on using the stock grille and chrome trim so I modified the stone guard than bonded it to the Maier front end.