Forced Induction How About A Vortech V3-si Trim On A 94 Cobra?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94blackcobra, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. There are a few pics on the previous page.
  2. I missed those. Looks good.
  3. Rest assured, there will be dyno video and pictures.
  4. It's on the trailer and ready to go. 9 hours...
  5. ***Patiently waiting for results*** Queue in the Jeopardy music!
  6. Are we suppose to be guessing the HP?

    I'd say 396HP.
  7. I'll go for a cool 400 even since it's a Cobra. Hopefully he'll come out better than I did!
  8. 345 with 10lbs of boost.
  9. The numbers: 379.4 hp and 414.4 ft lb @11 psi. There is more in it but it started missing, so he backed off of it; I need to pull and regap the spark plugs to 0.028 from 0.035. He also recommended an MSD 6al to be installed. This is a very safe tune that could be pushed a lot harder but that is the way he does it. I will post video of the dyno run later today. Right now, I've got to get it off the trailer and go have some fun :burnout: photo (28).JPG
  10. If you regap your plugs you should be good to 13-14 psi without blowing out spark. My plugs are gapped to 28 and mine start breaking up at 15 psi. Yeah I see he shut it down right around 5k rpm and it was still climbing. Get those vids up.
  11. Purchase a boost-a-spark and call it a day. Then you can leave your plugs gapped @ .034.
  12. That's pretty sweet man. I'd take those numbers. As soon as my wheels come in, I'm ordering up the Vortech.
  13. Videos are uploading as I type; I will post a link after they finish.
  14. Darn you 94black, I've already called Kurgan for price quotes.
  15. Do it!
  16. I'd been right on the money if the tuner went another 1000 rpm.

    With my blower I had 42lb injectors, MSD6BTM (dial inside the car to turn down timing), MSD Coil and MSD plug wires. Ran Autolites gapped around .028.

    See the dial by the ignition.

    The box was bolted to the firewall. You can see the MSD Wires and coil.
  17. Nice vid. How many runs did they do before calling it done?
  18. He only did two full on runs because of the misfire. I should have taken my tools with me so I could have pulled the spark plugs and regapped them right then and there. His guys were tied up on other projects and I really didn't want to pay $90 an hour for them to do it anyway.

    I will be putting a methanol injection system on it for sure. He said it will cool the intake charge by as much as 100* and virtually eliminate any chance of detonation. We also had a conversation about Kenne Bell and he said the same thing that many here have said: they are awesome blowers but they aren't ideal for 94-95's because they do produce a tremendous amount of heat which can cause some issues.

    The V3 is awesome and I have no complaints about it. I definitely need some drag radials because my tires break loose way too easily now. Anyone know how big of a tire will fit on the rear, keeping in mind that the car will be lowered when I do the springs?