The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. Dude, that looks great. Perfect color for the 4-eye car, it's a little bit of retro.

    Get that car put together and take some better pics!
  2. Yeah it's hard to believe that color comes factory on a modern luxury car. I'm still undecided on painting the grill and headlights black or not...i had intended to but it looks damn good how it sits. The rear bumper is off because i was holding out to find a '79-82 bumper to match the front but we're just gonna roll with the '85 bumper for now until i find the right year and then paint it and swap it out later.
  4. Mmmmmm bacon wrapped bewbies....

    Yeah, i'm pretty thrilled with it. I'll probably never drive it again though, cause the first person who scratches it or door dings it is gonna get muurrrrrderrrred.
  5. Looks great, man! Love the front end of that car!
  6. I think I need to start searching for that front valence.. that thing is mean looking. If I had the same valence then my front end will be the same as yours and that is hawt
  7. Mmmmm almost. Your grill section is different. The milk crate design was different for the Pace car and '82 GT.

    Here's the '79-82 standard nose:

    (props to HISSIN COBRA for the sick car/pic)

    Here's my grill:


    It's subtle but different. Still the standard nose does look killer with the valance..i've seen it done. I don't know if you got that PM i sent you about it but there are 1 piece aftermarket versions that look really good that are much easier to find than the real thing.
  8. Car looks really good. That color is perfect for it. The car is begging for a set of CCW classics now.
  9. That looks great..I bet you are very proud.
  10. Yeah i would sell my kidneys for some Classics...thats why i run the AREs, at least theyre close.
  11. :nice:

    That looks bad ass.
  12. Send me said PM? All I know of is Maier Racing's piece.
  13. Im almost certain its a xenon piece. Theres a guy here, i forget exactly how his screen name goes but he has a pace car that has it and if you dont know what to look for it looks factory. Ill try to find more info when in not on my phone.
  14. Please add to the BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye thread! :hail2:
  15. Oh you know i soon as it gets finished up and i get the real camera out and a sunny day, i'm gonna pic whore this thing for all it's worth. Stangnet is gonna be sick of seeing my posts :rlaugh:
  16. Very, very nice. I was picturing black in my head for some reason, but that color is gorgeous.
  17. I had intended to do it in black for a long long time, then a dark charcoal gray color. I just started seeing the same paint scheme i wanted done over and over and over, and then when i saw this color i was sold.

    The other color i wanted was a Toyota color called Pyrite Mica, which is a similar olive green/gray color. It's also a VERY sweet color, but it doesn't pop as much as this color does. It would be a great color for a Fox though.
  18. I love that color, perfect. Looks like it would have been a factory color, I don't know why, but it's great.
  19. Great choice!

    Personally, I'm not wild about two-toned cars except for some '50s cars like a Corvette with the contrasting color in the cove. I know a lot of people like their choice of two-tone paint jobs, but if they go to sell it, they've got to find someone else who is in love with it as well. There are a number of cars I've crossed off my list because of two-toned paint, flames, or other things that weren't to my taste.
  20. I was going for a stock look but with a coloe that has attitude without looking immature. I think we pulled it off pretty well.