Ford Carlisle 2010

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  1. awesome Dan!
  2. YEAH! It looks like Dan is trying to join me in my usual pre-Carlisle down to the wire adventures. Mine sits on jack stands with no side skirts, rear bumper, or wheels at the moment...
  3. Yea definitely, lol.

    I'll have 2 weeks after it's tuned before Carlisle, but I'll still need to finish up some things, and I need to wire my new sub setup (ditched the large dual 12" sub box from last year and went to a single Boston Acoustics 10" for weight reasons and so I could relocate the battery to the trunk), and the car will need a thorough detailing to be show-worthy. I don't have nearly as much free time as I did in years past, but I think I'll be able to get everything finished. I'll definitely breathe in a sigh of relief when I pull into gate 3 on June 4 ;)
  4. Congrats Dan! Nothing like pulling a Paul 4 weeks before Carlisle, LOL. Either way you know your gonna need those "2 weeks" because something won't go as planned, right? I hope for your sake that everything goes smoothly, but do you really think it will? LOL

    Don't feel bad, I don't know what car I am brining to Carlisle, because I don't know what one will be done. I'm pushing it late this year, but we will see.
  5. I need to put my full exhaust on... and run brake lines.... then i should be good
  6. I'm hoping for the best. I really did a lot of research and spent months gathering the best parts available for the project, even down to the rather pricey custom Canton oil pan, just so everything can fall together. I don't doubt that a small problem might come up, but it should be pretty straight forward. If I was also going SC or turbo, I would be more worried because that opens up a whole other set of problems, lol.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is clearance from the valve cover to the bottom of the systemax upper plenum on the driver's side. It looks like it will clear, but worse comes to worse I'll have to pick up a spacer and some longer intake bolts to compensate.
  7. I was hoping to go and meet a lot of you all, but it looks like the Cobra won't be done in time.
  8. i still have to charge my battery, i hope i have time to get that done
  9. Don't forget to put air in your tires this time ;)

    I kid.
  10. bahahahhahhahahaha!!

    like it matters, it only needs to roll off the trailer and depending on how tall the grass is, you'd never notice if there was air or not. :D
  11. Well I live 10 minutes from Carlisle so I will be there as always. I never entered my car in the show as its all go no show and this year will be no different as I haven't got it inspected yet.

    I hope to hook up with some of you sometime during the show though. Or maybe crash a hotel party after the show.
  12. i got my adapters so it has air too , lol and i'm going to drive to subway this year so there :rlaugh:

  13. I'm assuming you mean subway by the gate of the fairgrounds... that doesn't count Troy :nono:

    Here are some crappy cell phone progress pictures of my motor

  14. Looks great Dan. You getting excited yet?
  15. Dan I wanted to reply right after you posted them yesterday but I can't post from my phone. damn mobile version of this site is usless.

    Your moving along on that pretty quick. I'm liking the red block. I was pondering going green with mine but not sure yet. I think it will be too much. Yours looks sweet though.

    Is that your garage? There's a lot of stangs in there lol
  16. Very, lol.

    I agree, I hate trying to do anything on here with my iPhone, pretty worthless.

    The red was a free option from fordstrokers, they said they will paint the block any color I want for no extra charge, so I was like what the hell, I'll go with red, lol. Green would look cool on yours for sure.

    That's my friend's garage, he owns Rodeheaver's Hot Rod in McClellandtown, PA. The tubbed red fox in the background is his personal car. It's got a big block 460 stroker (not sure what c.i.), runs like 9.6x-9.7x....VERY fast car.
  17. Some updates to the progress! Haha this has turned into a mini build thread.


    Engine will be fired tomorrow, then some break in miles and dyno tune on Saturday morning :nice:
  18. that looks great , what cam did you go with ?
  19. Thanks! It's an Anderson N61 cam

    here's the current status:

    I might pick up a few 45 degree AN fittings for the fuel lines because they would get pinched if they were run under the intake tube. They'll work for now.
  20. Dan whats the tank on the pass side for? That's looking good man. Need some video to go with the pics